Monday, September 05, 2005

Hiedi At the Astrodome: Unrest and Crime

Conditions at the Superdome are beginning to replicate themselves in the Astrodome. A few examples:

One of the active duty sergeants working for Heidi walked into the bathroom to see someone openly shooting heroin. On another occasion, he witnessed two males in the restroom defecating in the urinals - even though the stalls were open and functional.

Upon seeing that the sickest veterans had pillows, a young man walked up to the elderly vet helping out at the command post and menacingly asked if he was using all the pillows. When the vet tried to explain to him that the pillows were for disabled veterans, the man leaned down closer. “That’s not what I asked you. I asked you if you were using them all. Right now. This minute.” Heidi was quick to jump in, telling the would-be thug that the pillows were purchased with private donations (that’s YOU guys!), for the disabled vets. The man didn’t have the courage to face down Heidi - apparently terrorizing old men is more his style - and so he slunk away while Heidi shouted after him, “Why don’t you join the Army and get a life?”

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Tom said...

I have to believe that all this will make some people rethink gun control. Not the hard core anti types, but the average person who normally wouldn't tolerate a gun in their house.

I'm betting that gun sales go up in coming months.

Kat said...

yeah...I don't hear much about "gun control" right now.

Certainly made me think even more strongly that, in times of disaster, you'd better be prepared to provide your own security for awhile.

The really sad thing is that I said this on my two posts about gun control, about national crisis and what having the right to bare arms to ensure: a) personal security; b) that the government doesn't take control through declaring emergency situations and claiming the power.

The government didn't do that this time. It means that our system still works.