Tuesday, September 20, 2005

KCTV5: Misrepresenting the Sheehan Fiasco in NYC

To repeat the anchor: "Just as Cindy Sheehan finished giving her speech, police rushed in cut the rally short."

No mention of lack of permits. No mention of who was supporting the rally. No mention of the permits they had or what they were asked to do in order to use the sound system. Nada.

While I declared that I would not speak about this woman here, I will not refrain from pointing out misleading bullshit from the media. Basically, they gave the impression that the storm troopers rushed in to put a stop to a peaceful demonstration which is so far from the truth, it's not even funny. I mean, did you ever hear the storm troopers of Germany or Stalinist Russia asking people politely to not use a sound system that they had no permit for but telling them that they could have their rally as long as it was without it?

Or, Storm Troopers that just walk away while being called names and threatened by the protesters?

I think KCTV5 just pissed me off. Freaking CBS affiliate.

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Anonymous said...

I have noticed that KCTV5 has become the eurnich of the Bush administration. Just last night, July 1st at the River Front celebration, one of the news people connected 9/11 with why we are at war. How many times do people have to be reminded that this is not the case at all. Yet, any chance they get, we get this lie crammed down our gullet.