Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Over There Live Blogging

Holy Sh*t! Stereo type number six. Black soldier that thinks they are being used and abused by white soldiers.

Female soldier now crying and praying.

Two soldiers now discussing why they joined the military.

Soldier discussing how he signed up for education money.

Other one says that he was "stupid".

Now discussing where to take a shit.

On to jihadists coming out under a white flag if negotiations turn out their way. I am suspicious where this is going (since most of us know).

Black soldier now saying he joined up because he was turned down for a choir and joined in anger.

Female soldier major stupid just went off by herself to take a shit. Jeesh, they are really playing this up. She laid down her weaapon and is in the middle of nowhere. Jihadi motherfucker comes up on her and tries to kill her.

Okay...maybe because I'm a woman, I'm objecting to this. How come they couldn't make one of the guys stupid?

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