Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Over There IV

Soldiers looking at dead bodies. One says nice shooting and another says the enemy is "smaller than he thought?"

Now looking at half a body that was taken out by an explosive round.

Other female soldier is praying and stupid one with bandaid.

Reporters around and Jihadi guy screaming about "freedom forced on him". Reporter is pissed that they won't let him continue interviewing the guy "it's part of the agreement" and the LT says he violated his agreement and attacked costing the lives of a dozen of his men.

Soldiers sending messages home via video cam. The military censor is being insane (another stereo type or the truth?). Guy was just saying "shitville".

Now, thinking soldier is saying that everyone is savage and monster that kill each other. But he sees the nobility of war. Now he is saying what many milibloggers say which is that they learn to appreciate their wives and family more.

Oops. Next stereo type. Thinking soldier's wife is banging some guy while he sends a message.

Singing soldier making up a song and now singing.

The day is coming
The drums are drumming
If you know one say a prayer
There're Mothers crying
Fathers sighing
War is in the air
Trains are filling up with boys
Who left behind their favorite toys
Their going over there
Some one has to die
(end song)

Sgt threatening soldier over risking lives of men (another stereo type?)

They have a marine sgt consultant?

Now the marijuana soldier is trying to convince them to go make a "moonshine" run.

Now soldier talks about killing a kid who was on guard duty at an arms cache.

Now they just rolled over an IED. That I could see was coming. The guy said to pull over. Now why the hell did they do that? No good reason.

Another soldier is going crazy.

One soldier has his leg half blown off and that was pretty damned graffic.

Interesting the music they are choosing to play.

Medevac as other soldiers pull security perimeter.

That's it.

Lots of stereo types. Acted as if the soldiers were pretty cold about who they were killing but not about their buddy getting blown up.

I don't see any overt heroics.

Anybody else have thoughts on this?

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Alan Gutierrez said...

That's what happened. Your run down of the characters was pretty good. I lost track of the stereotypes. The angry girl who can do it all by herself, revealing her position while screaming "lemme lone!" Had to wince at that one also.

A serious military drama about Iraq, one that reflected the professionalism of our military, would be an outstanding success. They ought to have used "Band of Brothers" as a model, not "Platoon".