Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bahraini Vigil: Bloggers Tell What The MSM Won't

If you've watched main stream media the past few days (at least here, in the United States) what you got to see of the Muslim community was spokesmen from CAIR and the Muslim American Council "condemning" the acts of terrorism in London and then giving their 10 minute spiel about why such attacks occur and the feelings of persecution of Muslims within and without the Western World, the anger at the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the invasion of Iraq, etc.

Unfortunately, we do not get to hear from the average Muslim citizens, either within this country or without.

Without further ado, a blogger reports on something the MSM missed:

A candlelight vigil was held this evening in front of the British Embassy to Bahrain to show solidarity with the British people, and to express our complete rejection of the terror attacks in London that took place on Thursday. It was attended by over a hundred people and was organized by a wide range of civil societies: Islamists, Leftists and human rights groups.

Of course, 100 people isn't enough for a CNN crew, but one could hope that the message would be received.

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