Sunday, July 03, 2005

Patriot Posts: An Act of War

One Man's Story of 9/11.

It had been about three minutes since American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the tower. Later, Sean would discover that the airplane had literally flown right through his office. But at that moment he knew nothing of the kind.

He decided he wasn't going to take any chances. Once decided, it was as if the whole situation had become immediately clear to him, just how much danger he was in. He called his wife. She didn't answer at her desk, so he tried her cell.

"Oh my God, your office is burning," she answered. She told him she was in a different office, one where she could see his building.

"I'm leaving," he said. "Meet me outside somewhere."

"I have meetings," she answered almost robotically.

"I don't like this at all," he said. "I'm coming over to get you."

"Sean, no, I'm fine. I hope everybody's okay in your office..."

Sean's elevator stopped at the 45th floor. It swung like a pendulum back and forth. The doors didn't open.


And this man who is leaving to go on his third tour Today I Leave for the War:

K, you have been the best sister a brother could ever have, you and I had some good fights when we were kids, but you were always there if I truly needed you. We don't see eye to eye on anything political, and you are one of those people calling for our troops to come home now. I love you, but you are wrong in this count, you have three boys and if we don't do this right, it will have to be done again and it could be your boys next time. When I'm in Iraq, I think about my three nephews and how I don't want to see them in DCU's in the next decade, I want to fight our enemies in their country until they either surrender or become so ineffective they aren't a threat to any of us.[snip]

Mom, I was the baby of the family and I know you still view me as that little boy that wouldn't eat his green beans and only wanted peanut butter. I am still that little boy inside, but I am so much more now, I am a husband and a veteran, and now a successful man with my own family. I chose to go back to Iraq this time, because I believe in a better world. At 30 I am more of an idealist now than I was at 20, I believe one person can make a difference. [snip]

The most fundamental question I ask myself everday is: If I have the chance to do good, even if there is a terrible price to pay, why wouldn't I? I wish more Americans would ask themselves this question, if you can do good, what on earth would stop you from following through?

There is so much more. Make sure you read the rest.

I remember the words at the top of almost every newspaper, "An Act of War!" they all screamed. My nephews were asking me if they were going to be hit by an airplane. I told them "no" but I don't know if I was telling them the truth. What I know is, some people suffered more and some people sacrifice more.

Remember our troops.

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