Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Under Attack II

Two London Hospitals 185 wounded.


8:49 Liverpool and Aldgate
9:33 Edgeware
9:36 Kings Cross, Russel Square, Liecester
10:45 Russel Square/Tavistock bus exploded (possible suicide bomb)

Al Arabiya now reporting Al Qaida cell taking responsibility.

Jacque Chirac and President Bush standing behind Tony. Says G8 is trying to solve the problems of world poverty and improve human lives while the terrorists know only how to destroy. Tony Blair still seeming very emotional.

Very simply, "They will not succeed and we will prevail."

Update 7:21 Chicago and LA now indicating they are reviewing their security plans

"Secret Organization of Al Qaida, Europe" claiming responsibility on website.

Blair now on his way back to London.

Update 7:27 President Bush: Expressing heart felt condolences to London. Been in contact with Homeland Security and instructing them to contact local law enforcement around the country to review security. Expressing again "evil in the heart" of people that would take the lives of innocent folks.

We will not yield to the terrorists. We will spread an ideology of compassion and freedom that will over take the ideology of hate.

Al Qaida statement says "all crusader countries" will suffer the same fate, Danish, Italian and all countries that have troops in Iraq AND Afghanistan.

(ed..Well, we know that isn't happening. Adding Afghanistan is basically the "never gonna happen and they know it" so they can keep claiming some sort of just war when they would have done it anyway.)

Update 7:37 Mayor of London gave speech. Speaking to those that came to kill. "You do not fear to give your life in the cause to kill. What you fear is your failure to take away the freedom from free nations, from this city. I can tell you that you will fail because, no matter how many of us you kill, you will not change London. A free city where people of all ages, castes and creeds live side by side in harmony. You will see that tomorrow and the next day, our railways, our ports, our airports will go on as they have, bringing people to this free city. People who are running away from you who would take away their freedom and coming to this great city where they can realize their potential and their dreams." (not exact, trying to type as he spoke, but very powerful speech. better than Tony's and President Bush's)

Update 7:49 saying 300 wounded at hosptials and possible 150 seriously hurt. Walking wounded treated at site and released not counted. Still unconfirmed number of dead.

Update 8:06 London police chief says that there were only four sites, not seven and the confusion was because people were leaving different "tube sites" that could see and feel the explosions.

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