Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taking Part in Castro's Propaganda Program

This makes me want to check every degree of every young doctor before they poke, prod or even get my name and insurance information:

U.S. medical students graduate debt-free in Cuba

We are talking about the socialist medical education and system that nearly killed Castro before the brought in a real doctor educated and practicing in Spain. We are talking about a system whose actual doctors go to other countries and live off of nothing. Eventually, 20% or escape from their host countries and seek asylum any place that isn't socialist. There is a much higher number of these doctors who want to, but cannot escape the watchful eye of their over-seers.

I didn't even read the whole article. The AP trumpets the title of the piece that speaks for their ideas on medicine. Give me a good doctor who is interested in making money and I'll show you someone at the top of their game who is less likely to kill you than an average brain surgeon from Cuba.

Did I mention that the AP just acted as a propaganda arm for Castro? I barely read the piece and could find very little questioning the actual credentialing process, the education as a whole or the plight of all those "non-Americans" who are currently residing in political prisons for speaking out against Castro.

These students are coming back into the United States as willing tools of Castro's propaganda and all they had to pay for the experience was a crappy education and a promise to treat the poor (while, of course, spreading the good word about socialist medicine and economics; throw off that horrid, oppressing, going like gang-busters, free market and enjoy the beautiful, meaningful poverty of a regulated, socialist, oppressive regime that will imprison you if you try to convert your bread shares into medicine).

Why I never even gave Michael Moron's "Sicko" a glance. I have some clues as to the problem with medicine and the price, but there isn't anything this article or Michael's movie shows that I don't know is a load of crap and, if we are ever unlucky to institute some part of it, will leave our children and grandchildren (the few that survive) regretting it.

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