Friday, July 06, 2007

No Respect

This story comes on the heels of a local report that people were stealing flags from a patriotic display in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. But, this is even worse:

Brass Panels stolen from WWII memorial just days before Guam celebrates its liberation from Japan:

HAGATNA, Guam - Thieves stole dozens of brass panels from a World War II memorial that were etched with the names of thousands of Guam residents and U.S. military members tortured or killed during the war, officials said Thursday.

Thirty-four of the 99 panels at the Asan Bay Overlook in the War of the Pacific National Park have been pried off their concrete base.

"These thieves did more than commit a despicable crime, they dishonored our people who suffered and died in the struggle for the freedoms we all enjoy today," acting Gov. Mike Cruz said.

The memorial wall features the names of more than 16,000 Chamorros, the indigenous people of Guam, who were tortured or killed during the Japanese occupation of the island. It also honors more than 2,500 U.S. servicemen who died in Guam's liberation

We have also had a number of local incidents regarding copper. People have stolen statues, urns and even cemetery markers made of copper to sell for scrap. That is pretty low, not only for the thieves, but for the criminal scrappers who take these things and never ask how or where they came from.


Dick said...

They did the same thing at my mom's cemetery a while back.
Just scumbags looking to make a quick buck.
The have no clue of other's feelings.

Kat said...

you're right. scumbags looking for a quick buck. sadly, probably for drugs.

Definitely no feelings or sympathy.