Sunday, July 01, 2007

Terrorism Continues in UK

Another attack occurred Saturday at Glasgow Airport in Scotland.

My prayers are with the Brits.

Rule Brittania!!!

In other news, some idiot here in Kansas City decided to set off a rather large firework(?) strapped to a remote control car in the parking garage at the Ranch Mart Mall. The question mark is because they are not sure exactly what the explosive was. In the midst of attacks in Europe, this was either the most stupid, "I just want to see how loud the explosion will sound in a parking garage." Or, this was someone wanting to add a little to the terror after these attacks and this was the best tools he had available.

Unless the guy's finger prints are in a database somewhere, we may never know.

But, stupid people have started wars. Worse, stupid people may start something here that they can't finish.

Waiting for one of the local news organizations to post up a link.

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