Sunday, July 01, 2007

Officer Found "Not Guilty" in Shooting of Air Man in 2006

"Anonymous" left a link in my original post regarding Air Man Carrion who was shot in February 2006 by a San Bernadino Deputy Sheriff.

Apparently, a jury decided that the officer was "not guilty" for attempted manslaughter and assault with a firearm.

I cannot tell you why the jury decided this. I saw a good portion of the video. as I noted above. I heard the officer. The report on the ruling from the jury says that Carrion can be heard swearing at the officer before he's ordered to "get up" and subsequently shot. I don't know when this "swearing" took place. It was some moments before the shooting. Was that supposed to justify a "not guilty" verdict?

The officer is not out of the clear yet. The FBI may still prosecute this as a Civil Rights Violation.

I hope.

In the meantime, I have nothing against the officer or police in general, but this is a miscarriage of justice. Drinking, car chase, cursing, etc neither excuses nor validates this officers actions.

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