Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Video Claims to Show Pilot Being Dragged - Yahoo! News

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A video posted on the Internet Wednesday in the name of an extremist group claimed to show Iraqi insurgents dragging the burning body of a U.S. pilot on the ground after the crash of an Apache helicopter.

Video Claims to Show Pilot Being Dragged - Yahoo! News

So, are you disgusted? Angry? Are we going to hear demands for our soldiers to be brought home?

Maybe we will, but probably not so much as in 1993. Largely because we know this enemy. We already know that he is low and barbaric. We also have had three years of war to inure us to the blood and horrific deaths of soldiers and civilians alike.

For most of us, we would have liked the war to have gone differently. If you're like me, you were possibly surprised by the insurgencies continuence, not by its existence. Then, as it became clear that the Islamists had been planning for this "insurgency" along with the Ba'athists long before we came, it became less of a surprise.

Even more so, while it would be nice to imagine leaving people to simply kill each other over the dried and disgusting bones of a genocidal regime, as that appears to be the primary drive for the current "insurgency", leaving is out of the question, regardless of how horrific it looks and sounds (though less so than on any given day of news coverage, each event is magnified simply because it is no a daily event and thousands are not murdered everyday).

Drag the bodies of the dead? Not surprised and does not evoke a murderous rage. We've seen it before in Somolia and Fallujah. We've seen what they've done to their own people.

For me, this simply girds the heart and mind against the pleas of understanding about the enemy's "grievances" and demands that we withdraw.

This is simply another cheap trick. It worked in Somolia so they hope it will work here. But, Iraq is not Somolia. We know who we fight here. This is not some post USSR collapse world dreaming of the "peace dividend". There is not peace with these men, simply death of one or the others men and ideology.

It will not be ours and we will not withdraw.

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