Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Broken Hearts and Patriots

I've just heard at Iraq the Model that their brother in law was assissinated.

Last week our little and peaceful family was struck by the tragic loss of one of its members in a savage criminal act of assassination. The member we lost was my sister's husband who lived with their two little children in our house.

It was the day he was celebrating the opening of a foundation that was going to offer essential services to the poor but the criminals were waiting for him to end his life with their evil bullets and to stab our family deep in the heart.

Grief and pain is killing me everyday as I hold my dear nephews, my sister is shocked beyond words while my parents are dead worried about the rest of us.

My heart breaks for them. Iraq the Model was the first blog I ever read and inspired me to write my own blog. After two years, they are more like family than anonymous bloggers in another world. Without them, I cannot say that I would feel the same about Iraq or believe as deeply as I do in the dream, their dream. As always, even in the worst of times, the words of the brothers always give me strength.

They think by assassinating one of us they could deter us from going forward but will never succeed, they can delay us for years but we will never go back and abandon our dream.

We have vowed to follow the steps of our true martyrs and we will raise the new generation to continue the march, these children of today are the hope and the future.

What a difference between those who work to preserve life and those who work to end it…it's terrorism and crime and there are no other words to describe these acts.
They will keep trying to steal life from us and we will keep fighting back and we will keep exposing them but not with bullets and swords, we never carried arms and we will never do because we are not afraid and because we are not weak unlike those cowards who know no language but that of treason.

April will always be there to remind us of the sacrifice and remind us of the dream we fight for.

Our founding fathers would have recognized these men as what they were: Patriots.

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