Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ivory Tower Stonewall

Well, I've said little on this subject and I should have. 9/11 was a turning point for me. I have now learned more than I ever want to know about Islam and the Middle East. I know more about the cultural disparities as well as any likeness of common humanity than I ever knew before. I have learned who the Taliban were, how they came to power, cultural and religious beliefs that mirror bin Laden and just how terrible their rule was in Afghanistan.

In this situation, with the Taliban spokesman being provided a Visa to the US (a primary issue here that I would like an explanation from the State Department exactly how that happened and why this fellow is still in the US; did he give us information in exchange for coming here for protection? I'd like to know since that may change my perception of the situation, on the otherhand, knowing may compromise intelligence and security issues so we are in a connundrum) and Yale gives him a free education, without good information on how this came to be, I must submit that I feel rather appalled if not down right angry at both the State and Yale.

Yale's limp response is meant to defray the situation and pray that the questions die down and don't effect alumni donations. But, reading about Kathy Bailey and Margaret Pothier trying to get a response as both a family member of a 9/11 victim and the mother of a student who paid over $150,000 for their daughter to attend, one would think that Yale would go a little further in reaching out and clarifying the situation.

But, that's not what's happening. They are pretty much playing the waiting game, hoping that other issues will come up and give them cover. I think they owe a serious explanation for this apparent lapse in moral clarity, sympathy and understanding.

Read this article and you'll understand why, after all this time, though I've said little, it stays on my mind.

A 9/11 survivor asks Yale to explain why it admitted the Taliban Man.

From my perspective, this is tantamount to Yale admitting Goebbels or Yoshimoto in 1942 and telling us that we should have them here so we can "learn" something from them and they can learn about global conflicts. I found that statement interesting because the first thought that came to my mind is how many of these people come to our universities, get educated in chemistry, engineering, computer systems and geo-politics, only to turn around and go back to the Jihadists as well educated bomb makers, propagandists or researchers hoping to figure out how to make, store and use enough chemical weapons to kill thousands of people.

Yes, I still remember the video from Afghanistan that showed AQ testing ricin or sarin on a bunch of dogs in cages; watching them die slow, painful and ghastly deaths; I also remember that the Islamist like Hashemi see us as dogs to be killed. Frankly, I'm sure that I don't want to "understand" anyone like that or the "anger, bereavement" or whatever else some of the Yale speakers on 9/16/2001 talked about as excuses for the attack (and that is what they are: excuses).

In all honesty, I'm not sure Yale can say anything that would make me "understand" their decision accept that they were actually doing it as a payoff for any intelligence this guy gave our country. Of course, Hashemi's life would be in danger, but I'm not feeling very compassionate about that, all things considered. If he was part of that, he would have gotten a new name and identity. So, as much as I would hope for that sort of situation, knowing then that Yale was actually assisting with our efforts by providing part of a deal, I doubt it with all seriousness.

So, we're back to square one. What the hell was Yale thinking? All of these universities must think they are a world unto their own and can operate within this country as their own country, disregarding the people wherein they reside and trying to turn out good little indoctrinated folks who they call "educated".

What the hell was the State Department thinking? It seems like these folks should be saying something as well and maybe some heads should roll.

I'm a tax payer. I watched the towers fall and the Pentagon burn and smoke roll from the field in Pennsylvania. I am a US citizen. I remember that the Taliban refused to give up Osama and that they are now killing our people and helpless Afghani who only want to live and prosper. Does Yale or Hashemi have any comment about the Taliban who are killing teachers and blowing up schools (which they did way back before we were there as well) right now so that boys and girls cannot get educated like Mr. Hashemi and learn to help their country?

I'm disgusted. I hope Yale Alumni and other donors make it plain to Yale that they are equally disgusted.

As for the State Department, I think I will write a letter because I find this breach of public trust and safety more than disgusting, I find it criminal.

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