Sunday, June 19, 2005

Did You Ever Want To Tell Someone...

Just Shut the Fuck Up!?

I know I'm not the only one, but, wow, can you believe the crap that passes for "loyal" opposition politics these days? It is like an ear splitting discordant ringing of a broken gong.

Too bad it wasn't the gong show, at least we could have used the hook to pull them off of stage as the crowd boos. No such luck. This is what you get when aging, once upon a time protester baby boomers get elected to office.

I swear, if I hear one more time how "dissent is patriotic" I'm going to explode and beat the crap out that person. It's beyond "dissent" and hasn't even approached "patriotic" since Dean let out the infamous scream heard round the ballot box.

I'm sick of hearing "dissent is patriotic" because it is a bullshit response meant to shame anyone from telling them to shut the fuck up and to proclaim themselves innocent from any assistance to the enemy with propaganda when we all know that anything they say is released in a statement or on video with one Jihadi or another proclaiming it as a point against America. Instead of the requisite shame you would think some asshole like Dick "my daddy paid for my D in history" Durbin should feel, I have to hear him telling us that we misunderstood his use of "Nazi", "concentration camps" and "gulags".

Sorry, there was no misunderstanding. For that, Dick "my daddy paid for my D in history" Durbin deserves a big...

"Shut the fuck up!"

Of course, Dick isn't the only dick in congress. He's accompanied in his ignorance by several other assholes who haven't had their feet out of their mouths since probably one year of age when they first realized they could bend their leg like a pretzel and suck on their toes. Their reasoning skills are just about on par with that age group, too. They have a lot of followers. The kinds of followers that look more and more like the suicide cultists at Jones town. People don't call them "kool-aid drinkers" for nothing.

Conyers, Frank, Waters and a few others who simply cannot get over the fact that they lost the last two elections for the Presidency because they simply sucked decided, if they can't do it for real, they would have a "mock" impeachment of President Bush based on fake memos that never existed interpreting notes from a meeting that said no such thing.

It was a stage show so the far left of the Democrat party, the destroyers of the future of it's political power, could out their every conspiracy theory on the Iraq war from protecting Israel to oil to personal grudges of the President against another head of state; a mass murdering, sociopathic reincarnation of Joseph Stalin complete with stupid mustache (why do all of these guys seem to have bushy mustaches or funky hair cuts?) with a beret, scimitar and Arab accent.

Normally, I would ignore these folks or just write something reasonable about how wrong they are, but, lately, I've found them tiring. I don't want to speak for everyone, but does anybody else wish these folks would just...

"Shut the fuck up?"

The media. At least one half of the media should "shut the fuck up". Not because they report things that conflict with my ideas or on government activities, an essential to every open democracy, but because they have become "editors of history" and, when history doesn't exactly follow their ideas, they make them up. As if they were the arbiters of our conscience, the supreme conscience and we are supposed to believe them. Now they whine about why they are less trusted than the military.

From Rather-gate to Eason-gate now to the infamous "fake but accurate" Downing Street memos continues to show their impending failure to live up to the ideas that they insist they stand for and are protecting and instead, have taken it upon themselves to try to bring down and disparage the very type of government that provides them the security to write freely without fear of reprisal. I mean, can you imagine what would happen to a reporter in Soviet Russia who dared to even criticize the cut of Stalin's coat? Or, in Baghdad where any reporter that reported the rape and torture of Iraqi citizens, much less a "secret memo" from the regime, fake or real, would disappear after being tortured themselves.

Nobody wants the press to be suppressed or disappear, even I, the undersigned complaintant, wouldn't want that, but one could ask, with all seriousness, if these folks couldn't at least maintain the appearance of accuracy and honesty? If not, would they just...

"Shut the fuck up!"

The eight memos — all labeled "secret" or "confidential" — were first obtained by British reporter Michael Smith, who has written about them in The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times.

Smith told AP he protected the identity of the source he had obtained the documents from by typing copies of them on plain paper and destroying the originals.

The AP obtained copies of six of the memos (the other two have circulated widely). A senior British official who reviewed the copies said their content appeared authentic. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the secret nature of the material.

Now...Where have I heard this line before? [hat tip: LGF]

Holy Shit! I mean, Ho-lee-shit! Can you believe the balls of this guy or any members of the press that continue to press this story or those moronic Reps in congress that decided to play act an impeachment process on this info and claim it was sufficient for an actual impeachment?

You would think that the whole lot of them would have learned to...

"Shut the fuck up!"

These people need a dose of my grandmother's wisdom:

Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove yourself a fool.


Or, in my own simplistic and rather crude short hand...

Shut the fuck up!

There are so many others one would wish would simply "shut the fuck up". The scariest people, sometimes, aren't the Islamist crack pots, but American citizens who frequent the DU and many Europeans. The Islamists at least I actually can understand their opposition and they are clear as to their purpose. It is scary that people can continue to deny the reality that we are at war as hundreds of people are beheaded in Iraq and thousands slaughtered with car bombs or executed in the same manner as the Taliban had done in Afghanistan as Zawahiri, Zarqawi, Bin Laden and hundreds of other petty Imams and leaders of small terrorist groups continue to state that fact on their websites and in their own press releases. The Islamists know that they are at war. We know we are at war, but there are many people who refuse to acknowledge that fact. Like abused spouses that still insist that they love their abusive spouse. Sadly, we know what happens in those types of relationships: the abused spouse ends up dead in close to 25% of all cases and only 17% ever really leave their abusive spouse.

So, 25% of all DU commenters would have to be killed by a terrorist Islamist cell for even a modiucm of DU users to get a clue. Maybe then they would just...

Shut the fuck up?

Probably too much to ask, huh?

Let me add that I am not against reasonable debate nor am I wishing to step on anyone's right to free speech. However, it is my right and privilege to use my free speech to tell them I think they are idiots and should "shut the fuck up". Personally, I think there is a difference between "dissenting opinion" and giving the enemy propaganda points. Why is this difficult for people to understand?

Who knows? In the mean time, I'm just going to keep saying, "Just shut the fuck up!"

They are occassionally entertaining. Whenever the newest meme or conspiracy theory comes up, it's like watching the animals at the zoo when an electric storm is on it's way. They all start boucing around their cages roaring and bleating, throwing feces all over the cages and themselves, scaring parents into pulling their children close as the children point, "mommy, mommy, mommy! Look at that one! It keeps putting it's head up it's ass and the others are trying to do the same! What are they screaming?"

"Johnny! It's not nice to point!"

In my fantasy world, the zoo keeper comes in right about then with twenty other pissed off zoo keepers and a giant water hose, spraying them down, shooting them with Thorazine and yelling from around a big ass stogie clenched between his teeth...

"Ahhh....Just shut the fuck up!"

In the world of "shut the fuck up", I reserve my last and most resounding "shut the fuck up" for my favorite assholes and dickheads:

Zarqawi, Zawahiri, bin Laden and their assorted preacher freaks of death and destruction. Anybody else tired of hearing "Allahu Akbar", "kill the infidels", "Zionist conspiracy to the rule the world", yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah? Every time these shitheads speak it reminds me of that cartoon, "Pinky and the Brain".

"Tomorrow Pinky, we take over the wooooorrrrrllllld!!! Muuuauhaaahhahahahaha!!!!"

Puh-llleeaaase! Just shut the fuck up!

These dickheads couldn't rule a herd of camels without getting flea infested beards. I mean, who the fuck do they think they are? I'm always amazed at the jihad, "mission from God to cut off as many people's heads as possible" crowd. The only thing giving them their "divine mission" are the voices in their heads whispering things about "paradise". I really wonder if these men haven't looked at their deeds and shuddered? Probably not. They are programmed with their "mission", but one wonders how much of a total loser you would have to be in this life to put all your faith in the hope that killing people while singing God's praises as if they were blood thirsty, human sacrificing Aztecs, will net you golden streets, clear springs and a bunch of women to wait on you hand and foot. No mention of actually being at God's side and enjoying the beauty of his grace, just the usual, "give me, give me, give me" because they are loser scum who don't know how to really work for anything and think everyone owes them something, including God.

Since they don't know how to make anything of themselves, they have to destroy other people. The more gruesome and extravagant the better. Just like socio pathic serial killers.

And they get more press time than I do. I have some ideas on what to do with the world. The problem, of course, is that I haven't taken to wearing strange clothes, growing filthy, lice infested beard, marrying four or more husbands, carrying around an AK-47 and video taping my personal manifesto accompanied by various clippings of head cuttings and explosions ripping apart women, children, grandparents, etc, in the market place, local mosques or getting their monthly pension checks.

And those pictures of guys with their faces covered, shaking AK-47s or RPGs in one hand and the Koran in the other. Now that is "Koran Abuse".

I know a couple hundred thousand folks that would like to help these men...

Shut the fuck up!

Now... if they'd only come out of their caves and stop running long enough for them to get a nice, hot, steaming cup of "shut the fuck up" at the point of a JDAM or the end of an M16, served up by a smiling Marine, Sailor, Army or Airforce man or woman.

A few moments of stunned silence is all I ask.

Is that too much?

You think?

Ehhhh...Shut the fuck up!

This rant was brought to you by a week of forced vacation without access to regular computer and far too much exposure to the idiots elected to public office, television personalities, lying media and death cultist freaks.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled reasonable and researched postings.

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Mike's America said...

You said it sister... I went out on a limb earlier this week and said that anyone who compares Americans to Nazis, Soviets and Pol Pot IS UnAmerican and Unpatriotic...

I get so bugged by these socialist apologists for terrorists and genocide that come to my blog and cut and paste talking points from a Michael Moore web site.

We took a poll last week and the result was to ban one of the least intelligent lefties from commenting. It was fun.

Since we need to keep a few examples of these silly socialists around so people can see how empty and immature their politics are, I'm thinking of establishing a "Adopt a Silly Socialist" or ASS program.

Each blog could keep it's own ASS in a special cage where we could visit and tease them regularly.

Cranky Yankee said...

Middle Ground?

Shut the fuck up!

John of Argghhh! said...

So, Kat, yer annoyed, are ya?

Your display of Puritan stoicism on the subject is inspiring!


Kat said...

Cranky...the middleground is where I live, not the political landscape I occupy though I bet my politics are more "centric" than a number of people I could name.

Did I strike a nerve or something?

Mike...LOL the ASS program. I like it. There are so many to choose from.

John....It is hard to remain reasonable and "stoic" in the face of some commentary. Particularly after four or so years of being asssaulted with the same inflammatory rhetoric. That is the purpose of their commentary, is it not? To inflame?

And, while I generally believe that responding to inflammatory rhetoric in like manner is often unproductive, I feel that sometimes one must go to war in the same manner the enemy does. Plus, it's a great stress reliever.

Holding it all in can result in ulcers.

I feel all better now.

Indigo Red said...

You know how Doonesbury has iconic images to reprsent various personages?

I'm seeing Dick Durban as a big penis wearing an expensive suit and a turban - Dick Turban.

Kat said...'re forcing me to say something I barely held in on the first rant. Now that I know that I am not the only person to think about it, I must say that every time I think about his name it makes me think "bad porn star name".

Dick Durbin...the biggest blow hard on the screen.

Tom said...

Not to worry, Kat, I feel the same way. I've so had it with the absolute insanity of the anti-war left I want to scream.

They're oh-so-concerned with the welfare of the prisoners at Gitmo. "Abu Ghraib", "torture at Gitmo" and "Bush Lied! (with the obligatory exclamation point) is all they know how to say.

Everything is gloom and doom: We're losing in Iraq. We've forfeited the moral high ground because of Abu Ghraib/Gitmo/(fill in the blank). The world hates us. The prisoners at Gitmo don't have ACLU lawyers. If the terrorists say we "abused" them they must be telling the truth.

And Al Sharpton is now a respected member of the Democrat party.


alix said...

so, kat, tell us how ya really feel! LOL

yeah, there was a bit of a leftyloon shouting match between Zelda and me, and, well...a leftyloon. (i think you saw it, not sure.) they're really...weird. scary weird.

i think i just choked on my gum reading "al sharpton is now a respected member..."!

kat, you're awesome, and you give damn good rant! i think i need a fag.

92alpha said...

Kat, you have it right again! I'm with you!

Cranky Yankee said...

Kat - "Did I strike a nerve or something?"

Sort of, but not so much in being told to STFU for espousing some of the positions you mention. It's one of my favorite expressions and one I often use it in a context similar to the one you describe. Although I may disagree with your stances, I agree with STFU. Quite frankly, I don't think it's used enough.

The nerve was probably struck by the title of your blog and its juxtaposition to the content. Note, I make no claim to occupy the middle ground or to being "centric". I have no desire, figuratively or literally, to live in the "middle." The middle or center is a place of no conviction. It's a place that isn't really occupied by anyone. Rather it is claimed to be by those, left and right, who are; not very strong in their convictions, really don't believe, want to be everything to everyone, are trying to hide their true selves or are making an effort to disassociate themselves from the more fringe elements of their own ilk by whom they are embarrassed.

Now to say that there is no center is not imply that there are no extremes. It's one thing to be anti-abortion, but advocating killing Doctors who perform abortions is an extreme. A bogus middle-ground view of the abortion issue is one that holds abortion wrong except in the case of rape or incest. That is an example of the moral relativism that exists in the "so called" middle ground. If killing an unborn child is wrong, than it is always wrong. It doesn't matter how that child was conceived.

So if you want to strike one of my nerves call me a "centric" or "middle-ground." There is a large segment of society by which I am proud to be rejected and many of them claim the middle ground.

ÐÇRøçk§ said...

Ahhh Kat, you just made my day. I just finished a post about almost the same sort of BS comming from the "Lost to Reality" Lefties.

Sometimes the absurd comments they make are so far out, you have to wonder if someone is feeding them mind altering drugs or something.

It seems "Cranky Yankee" has forgotten that you can hold a "midle ground" point of view on things, simply by listening to all sides, and reaching a compromise solution, but then, the left never seems to listen to anything but their own mad rambelings.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you for letting me know I was not the only one that wanted to scream STFU at the moronic moonbats out to destroy America, simply because it doesn't fit in with their fantasy world view.

That Dude said...

Crank, you're everywhere.

Cranky Yankee said...

Prick said, "BS comming from the "Lost to Reality" Lefties.", "absurd comments ... mind altering drugs or something.", "mad rambelings.", " moronic moonbats", "fantasy world view."

Hmm, seems a little disingenuous to hold that value of an opinion you claim to listen to in order to reach your middle ground. Logic wold dictate that half of your "compromise solution" comes from sources you deem unreliable.

Your logic is about as bullshit as telling people you occupy the mythical middlle ground.

So, Shut the Fuck Up!

Cranky Yankee said...

Dude said, "Crank, you're everywhere."

yeah, including a trip to ER yesterday with a broken arm.

Jim said...

Cranky Yankee said: Your logic is about as bullshit as telling people you occupy the mythical middlle ground.

Somehow I get the idea you're not really paying attention. The apellation "The Middle Ground" is geographical, not political. And trust me, it's not mythical, I live here, too...

Cranky Yankee said...

I get that. The comment you quoted was in response to Prick saying, "...hold a "midle ground" point of view..." Go back and read the comment prior to the one you quoted.

My earlier comments on the mythical "middle" were more or less in response to this, "my politics are more "centric" than a number of people I could name." from Kat and the concept of centrist politics.

Did you miss when I said, "I have no desire, figuratively or literally, to live in the

So pay attention or shut the fuck up!

Kat said...

Cranky...shut the fuck up. Please. You're making an ass of yourself.

Personally, I have my own things I believe in and stand on. The difference is, I don't believe that Che Guevera or Noam Chomsky are Gods and I don't believe that God wants me to play with snakes to prove my penetents.

That's the point of "centric". It doesn't mean I don't stand on principles, it just means that I find the principles of the left less and less to my liking and there are a few folks (Jerry Falwell for instance) I could do without on the right.

Other than that, if you ever read here before, you'd know what my principles are.

America is a great country.
We're at war and shithead opponents who are elected officials and give the enemy talking points are tantamount to seditious, treasonous assholes that would have been shot in a different time.
I believe that women should have equal rights and be allowed in the military to serve as they can.
I believe that LEGAL immigration makes this country great and we should have more of it.
I believe taht illegal immigration is a crime, largely because the smugglers make money off of it.
I believe in equal rights for all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation.
I support gays in the military. if they can make it through basic training, more power to them.
I think abortion sucks and I don't support it.
I think the ACLU sucks for trying to take religion, particularly christianity, out of the public square when we have spent years, perfectly fine, with it there without the government trying to enforce it upon anyone and more specifically because it is part of the heritage, the reason why we exist in the first place.
I think the military kicks ass.
I think we should kill terrorists where ever we can or exploit them for intel, however we can.
I don't believe in socialized medicine.
I think our schools could be better and the fault is with the parents and the local school boards, not lack of money.
I think I pay too much taxes.
I think capitalism and democracy are the basis of all freedom and any other system will fail eventually because it can never adapt like free markets.
I believe Freedom and Democracy belongs to all people.
I don't believe in "nuances".
I believe there are evil people in this world that shouldn't be allowed to breath the same air as I (ie, I believe in capital punishment).

When I say I am more "centric" I mean specifically that I believe more people believe as I do than either wing of the party.

That's the middle. We don't buy everything either party says, but we know what we believe.

DaKruser said...

Sick'm Kat!!
Yes, I live here in the "Middle Ground" too. I grew up in the Middle West (just one State North of Your's), and I live now in that seemingly HATED Political Middle. I read your list and even though I admit I may be on the Leftist side of 50%, I agree with the vast majority of things you said.
People of the "Right" and "Left" want to believe that they hold the key to the happiness of the US. That is just a lie, a delusion. People of MY Party, seem to think that the Demo's need to keep moving Left. TOO many Repub's believe that Bush won because of the "Hard Right". Neither is true. You wrote a post about a week ago about how the Demo's have lost the Middle. You were/are so correct. THOSE are the people who won the election for Bush. The people who make jokes about "the only thing in the middle of the road is the road-kill" HAVE to know that that 35% of the population is who turned the election to Bush. THEY decided and were the swing votes. THEY decided they wanted to stay the course. THEY are the ones who do not simply fall into lock-step with either party and I am glad to be counted as another one of them, with you Kat.
Let the people at either Political Pole crow or wail. WE KNOW WHO holds the power in these United States and every election year, they come crawling back to us.
Stay strong Kat. I dont' agree with everything you say, but I agree with so much more than either "Party" right now, I think we should start our own. You pick the name, and I'll sign my voter reg-card.

bunyip said...

Now look Kat, dont beat around the bush, say what you think :) :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Kat!

Time to break out the "L" word. That's "Lie," not "liberal." What you have is people trying to make a case, with no facts in their favor. So, they just say their thesis, fill in the blanks with the information, and roll on. What is offensive is the direct conflict between the rhetoric and the facts, even when they get the facts right. When lawyers do this, they not only lose their case, they get reamed by the judge.

Dick Durbin is like those idiots from Harvard that wrote The Bell Curve. He was trying to take information that disproved his thesis, and argue it anyway.

The thing that really annoys the hell out of me, and I have bothered to go to the original documents and video where possible -- is that everything I've read or watched -- everywhere -- shows that our military has behaved in an exemplary manner.

Exemplary, not perfect. The thoughtful policy, the discipline, the willingness to investigate, and to make straightforward, honest records are impressive. And the number of and character of the "bad" incidents is both low and mild, especially considering the size of the population involved.

For me, the Nazi comparison was not the worst of Dick Durbin's sins. The worst was his statement that this administration had "abandoned" the Geneva conventions. That was a lie. A big, fat, hairy whopper.

This administration analyzed the Conventions, determined, rightly, that terrorists have no rights under the Conventions, and ended up making a policy decision to treat them AS IF it applied, anyway. Furthermore, while the issue was up in the air, the executive branch required that any "rougher" treatment of prisoners had to be approved by the Secretary of Defense. That's right, Mr. Rumsfeld required that he himself would be on the hook for any rougher treatment of prisoners. (Which did not occur - no order was ever issued.) That was absolutely the right thing to do. All this information was more easily available to Mr. Durbin than to me, and his lie is inexcusable.

Then today, Nancy Pelosi has a letter in the Washington Post chastizing the Post for mischaracterising the position of congressional democrats. She says

"Democrats have repeatedly and unequivocally stated from the start of this debate that Social Security faces a long-term challenge that must be addressed. The claim that they fail to recognize this challenge is a Republican cannard that The Post should not indulge."

Considering the stories that have been in the Post, with their uncontested quotes, that statement is breathtaking in its audacity.

Damn it, I can just see myself being stuck with voting Republican again, next time.

So, keep at 'em. Nail 'em hard and heavy, with good research and stats, and either teach these damn fools to stick to the facts, or get them out of public life.


Cranky Yankee said...

It still doesn't sound very middle to me and if you understand anything I've written you would take that as a compliment.

Hey, at least you didn't ban me like your friend Mike. And I didn't even get as nasty with him as I got here. You are definitely to the left of him and that's a good thing.

Kat said...

Crank...I've been attacked worse.

The only person i ever banned was somebody from the ME who made threatening remarks and called me the b word and the c word. Those things I don't jive with.

Tell me I'm full of crap AND why, I'm okay with it because I can refute. As you can see, cursing doesn't bother me. Just don't include calling me four letter words and we'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I think the best commentary on the "trial" was Day by Day. The one where Karl Rowe was bemoaning the fact his work was over,cause nothing he could do would make the Dems look more like northern portions of southern bound horses then what they were doing all by themselves....Big Al