Saturday, June 25, 2005

Iran and Syria

Iran elects hardliner.

What a surprise. Not!

Well, all I've got to say is that this either proves that more of Iran is full of crazy Shia Islamists that want death to America and nuclear weapons or this whole thing is such a big sham that this will cause one hell of an uproar and possible revolution.

Could be a middle situation though and that is that those that want political change will be imminently terrorized into not acting as this man will undoubtedly beat the dog out of them left and right.

Either way, we will see how strong the opposition is in Iran.

Bomb Syria?

Barbara Lerner makes an interesting point. Syria continues to directly or indirectly assist in the insurgency in Iraq by not putting additional resources on their border or in infiltrating and stopping extremists from gathering and traveling to Iraq. Maybe it's time to stop recognizing their sovereign borders and start bombing the crap out of the "rat lines"? Of course, I think everyone should know that some of these "rat lines" are actually commercial routes that are funneling people through as regular travelers, business men, religious travelers, students, etc.

One would have to completely cut off all travel in and out of that border which poses a problem with for border tribes who have historically traded across these borders.

So, what should we do?

I don't completely disagree with her idea since it isn't as if this type of activity doesn't have historical precedence. I hate to bring up the "V" word, but, in Vietnam, once we decided that Cambodia and Laos and North Vietnam were no longer off limits, we were relatively successful in cutting off a large amount of supplies and men coming in and out of the area.

Same thing in WWII, prior to our actual entry, we cut blockaded a number of ports in South America to keep ships from coming and going.

So, not sure if this is right now, but I would not take it off the table. As a matter of fact, I would pick some targets, float the info over to Asad and give him a time frame in which he needs to get his border patrol enforced and insurgent crossing decreased.

Syria Map

I note a few places I would start with.

Abu Kamal
Al Asharah
al Mayadin

Otherwise, bombs away.

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