Saturday, June 25, 2005

Iraqi Criminals and the Insurgency

Just a quick note, as I indicated on converging wars and tactics, another source, that I can't believe I missed, indicated the same issue:

free Iraqi

Operation lightning (I called it thunderbolt in a previous post so I apologize for that mistake) seems to be going better than what I expected in terms of reducing violence in Baghdad[snip]

Not just terrorist attacks that has been reduced but even regular crimes, as it seems that part of the operation is focusing on capturing regular criminals who are in addition to their usual criminal activities do form, in my mind, the right hand for the Ba'athists.[snip]

Back to operation lightning, a few days ago I witnessed one of these raids by the IP against some thugs in our neighborhood who were apparently part of a big gang specialized in kidnappings and selling arms.

Read the rest on criminals and the insurgency.

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