Sunday, May 29, 2005

Zarqawi About To Be Captured?

According to the Arab Times Online, some folks at the Ministry of Interior (responsible for internal secuirty) are stating that Zarqawi might be holed up and surrounded. [via: Winds of Change]

BAGHDAD (Agencies): A force of Iraqi commandoes, supported by US forces, have surrounded the village of Abu Shallal, north of here, after reports indicated that Abu Musab Zarqawi might have taken refuge there, Interior Ministry sources told KUNA on Friday. The sources have indicated that Zarqawi has been spotted by eyewitnesses driven in a red Opel in the village of Abu Shallal, near an area called al-Tarmia. He was said to have taken refuge in the home of an individual named Sheikh Hatem al-Amir. The Iraqi commandos and US forces are said to be ready to start an operation aimed at capturing him in that village, said the sources. Interior Ministry forces last week surrounded an area named al-Etaifiya, in the middle section of Baghdad, where the Karkh hospital there was inspected for a possible sighting of Zarqawi.

As with all sightings and rumors of deposed, injured or dead despots and lunatics, please stand by for DNA testing and other validations from US military sources.

If you can get past the "scape goat" comment, you can find a decent account of Zarqawi's injury and subsequent fleeing for his life here.

Actually, I kind of found it amusing how much they were talking about Zarqawi being a "mastermind" and then claiming that the US was using him for a "scape goat". So typical. Which is he? A "mastermind" or a "scape goat".

Aiy! These people.

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