Thursday, May 19, 2005


I highly suggest that you read Bill Whittle's Sanctuary.

These religious fanatics, who will form a mob and tear a person limb from limb if he (or especially she) so much as looks askance at a copy of the Quran, routinely and methodically have used mosques – even their most sacred mosques – as ammunition dumps, staging areas and firing positions, viewing our decency and restraint as foolishness and weakness.

These acts have been recorded so many times that it has become banal. It’s just a fact. It’s what they do.

If they had genuine respect for their own religions and holy places they would give them the widest berth available, not turn them into command bunkers, ambush sites and staging areas.

Here is a violation of Sanctuary written as plainly as the eye can see. They use safe havens -- hospitals, hotels and places of worship -- as military fortresses because they are counting on our decency and honor to spare them from retaliation.

Actually, it is deeper than that. I suspect what they are really counting on is that sooner or later, such provocations have to be answered. And then there will be armies of useful idiots with television cameras and microphones and Expensive Hair, who will rally the full weight of recrimination and guilt and defeatism and accomplish for a few bearded lunatics what entire armored divisions could not achieve for them on the battlefield: Victory over the Americans.

Read it all please. Best rant about idiocy I've read in some time.


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

I think of mosques as excellent, stationary, targets.

Just use advanced energy weapons instead of conventional though, so that the building remains standing after all its inhabitants are cooked.

Scott from Oregon said...

Somehow- the 'they' mentioned here is trying to lump those who object to the flushing of the Koran, with those involved in some kind of sick holy war. The writer of this piece is an idiot who can't seperate what he can't understand.... This 'lumping' is so commonplace amongst George Jesus saved my liver Bush's servile faithful that one wonders what actually happened to rationality and reason? The huge rallies in protest in Indonesia, for example. When was the last time an Indonesian Mosque was used as an ammo dump against Americans? Like most rants, this one fails the litmus test for rationality and reason.

Kat said...

First, Scott...did you actually read the whole piece or did you just read the section I posted here?

Are you aware that he is talking about the hostile areas in iraq and afghanistan or were you deliberately being obtuse so you can start throwing around religious insults again?

riceburner147 said...

Kat: well written (or reported) as usual. It is hard for many people to think cogently about these issues. Thank you for your (as usual) well thought out and precisely written opinions. Scott is not worth your time, he is merely a reactionary whose thoughts are (mostly) unwise.

I will repeat what i wrote on ALa's site....I love the smell of sopping wet, urine soaked pages of the Koran in the morning.

Scott from Oregon said...

I was being obtuse so I could throw around religious insults....

Oh look! I have a riceburning friend!

leftbasher said...

Yeah, and leftbasher is your friend too, you moron from Oregon!

*slaps him on side of head*

Hmmm, that felt good. Let's do it again!