Thursday, May 05, 2005

Congratulations Mr. Blair And Good Luck

The labour party has maintained it's majority in Britain's elections. The question may be whether Tony Blair maintains his position as Prime Minister, though, part of me highly doubts he'll be replaced.

An interesting comment on the MSM..One AP title says, "Britons Reluctantly Back Blair", while the numbers indicate that the labour party controls over half of the Parliament (still) and the other two parties continue splitting the other half.

Where is this reluctance? Well, apparently the AP interviewed one or two people who said they didn't back Blair.


The question of Prime Minister really relies on the majority and the press is playing up a "split" in the party over Iraq and the "narrow" 66 seat majority that the party holds.

My bet's on Tony.


Cynica said...

The BBC and other Brit MSM obviously aren't fond of Blair. They tried to play up that Blair is at the mercy of Brit voters, but Tony B. proved them wrong.The international press reaction was interesting though.

Kat said...

Funny they were saying the same thing about Bush. LOL

They all think they are oracles and have the pulse of the people. Bunch of morons.