Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why I Hate Blogger: You Suck

But right now there's dust on my guitar you fuck
And it's all your fault
You paralyze my mind and for that you suck oh ho oh ho

Freedom's on my list today and I'm feeling pissed
But my timeless thoughts and ageless mind
Won't let you get away (let you get away)
And your guilty little conscience won't either
-The Murmurs

Yes...blogger absolutely sucks and I hate it. After suffering from several days worth of work induced exhaustion and writers block, I finally got around to writing my "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" post regarding infidelity late last night and after several hours of writing, I actually had two chapters worth of writing up, so I cut part of it out and pasted it to a word document and proceeded to command blogger to do a spell check on the other section when this lousy, piece of crap software kicked me out and told me my session had expired.

EXPIRED! And it ate, what was turning into, one of my best posts to date I think.

Yes, I know I get it free, but my pain will not let me even give a shit about that right this moment since it is now 6 AM in the morning and I have to be on a conference call in 4 hours and act like I want to be on this crappy conference call and I would have been happy to do it even after staying up all night because I felt so damned good about finally getting some writing done. But, no. Now my mood is ruined and I am going to have to go back and try to reproduce it from memory.

And please, if you are going to tell me some crap about writing on word document and then posting it on here to insure my work is saved or saving periodically, I've heard it already, so save it. You understand, when the muse has me in her nasty little grip, I write. That's it. I'm not interested in the niceties of saving documents, I'm interested in pouring my guts out in Times Roman 12 pt font so the world will have a chance to stomp it to pieces at a later date. I expect blogger to respect my suffering for my art, you bastards.

But since it doesn't...

Blogger, you suck. Google yourself and find out how many times people post things like, "Blogger ate my post", "I hate blogger" and "BLOGGER SUCKS!"


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

I used to save posts to a text file before hitting the "publish" button, but now I just do a CTRL+A and CTRL+C to copy all the text to buffer, and if (when) Blogger drops a stink bomb and eats the post, then I open Notepad and paste the text to that and save it. I come back later and when Blogger's no longer feeling like the piece of free software it is, then I open up the text file, copy, manage posts to either edit or add, paste, and voila.

Session expired is a wierd event for a bloggerbot to try to enforce, because who are they to put a time limit on a person's ability to write a post? Oh well, if they were really good at what they do they'd be able to charge and/or advertise more. Scratch that, Yahoo's no good at what they do and they still advertise out the wazoo...

The Sandmonkey said...

Can't say that that ever happend to me with Blogger, altough i have had similar incidents with e-mails. It wasn't fun!

I myself follow the cigarette smoking man's method. always ctrl c before publishing. just to be safe.

I am also sorry about twosret's comments. I have been talking to her about it. amazingly she is not mad at me-who is pro israel- and is mad at you and you are pro-palestinian. Strange, huh?

Anyway, love your blog, altough i am kinda dissapointed i am not listed under middle-east blogs.What's up with that? i am not good enough or something? :( Sigh.. Guess i am gonna have to up my game then to earn that distinction.

Oh well.....

gecko said...

I commiserate!

Kender said...

Google search results:

"Blogger ate my post"...576 Results

"Blogger sucks"...721 results

"I hate blogger"...929 results

DagneyT said...

Whew! It's not just me! As a html moron, I wasn't sure!

The G-man said...

If I had a nickle for every time blogger ate one of my post why I'd... Well ok, I'd have enough to buy a cup of coffee... But I'd still relish it!

cjufnf said...

Arrgh! Blogger has eaten many of my posts. The little bastard. I don't write in Word or Notepad and paste it onto blogger later. It's too much work for a lazy college student like me. But I have a great story that my Web Design teacher told me about saving your work. It's actually pretty funny if you would like to hear it sometime.

Anonymous said...

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