Friday, June 15, 2007

Reid: Pace failed on Iraq war assessment

Reid: Pace failed on Iraq war assessment

You know, the only way Reid and his ilk would be happy with the Generals and not accuse them of playing politics is if they stood on Capitol Hill, declared Iraq a loss and requested orders to retreat.

But, he knows these guys are easy marks because they are in the military and they are not supposed to make political comments that would place them in one party or the other. That includes defending themselves against such insinuations that some how still make them out to be political activists in uniform.

I think that's just about as low as you can get as a politician. That and letting your girlfriend drown in your car. Or getting your jollies in the oval office with your intern while you let your wife run the government. Or, taking bribes and freezing it in your kitchen. Or any number of other not so good things while you accuse the opposition of the same.

I guess, if you're Reid, you don't have much more to lose in terms of any integrity or standing. Guess he won't be running for president. Hate to see what his military advisors would look or sound like.


David M said...

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Tom the Redhunter said...

I read that Gates refused to go voluntarily. If so, then good for him.

The Democrats have decided that if the "surge" must not succeed. They're betting - and hoping - on failure.

As such, no matter what Petraeus says at his upcoming Sept briefing the Dems will claim that all is lost.