Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Enemy and the Three Ds

Their Depravity

FORWARD OPERATING BASE THUNDER, Afghanistan - The story of a 6-year-old Afghan boy who says he thwarted an effort by Taliban militants to trick him into being a suicide bomber provoked tears and anger at a meeting of tribal leaders.

Their Danger

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Al-Qaida was looming increasingly large in Hamas-ruled Gaza on Monday: The al-Qaida-inspired kidnappers of a BBC journalist released their captive's anguished plea, while the terror network's deputy chief urged Muslims everywhere to back Hamas with weapons, money and attacks on Israeli and U.S. targets.

Their Destruction

BAGHDAD - A stealthy suicide bomber slipped into a busy Baghdad hotel Monday and blew himself up in the midst of a gathering of U.S.-allied tribal sheiks, undermining efforts to forge a front against the extremists of al-Qaida in Iraq. Four of the tribal chiefs were among the 13 victims, police said.

Coming soon to a town near you.

Pardon me, but we're in a Global War On International, Islamist, Terrorism. If you don't like it, complain to the head office somewhere in a crappy little village in Pakistan (if you can find it and keep your head).

Back to you're regular scheduled programming of the life and times of an idiot heiress.

Or, you can be like me and support the folks that are working hard to keep you safe.

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BillT said...

But supporters like Stamford, Conn., Mayor Dannel Malloy said the war was draining money from classrooms and municipal services across the country...

Note to Stamford, CT, residents: since Mayor Malloy firmly believes the Fed foots the bill for your schools and municipal operations, you can now refuse to pay your property taxes with complete impugnity.

Why throw your cash at Town Hall when, according to Danny Boy, *everything* is paid for from the Defense Budget?

Wotta mah-roon...