Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Marines Coquettish with Kokesh

Yep. They decided that, Kokesh may be an a**hole, but he's a short timer a**hole whose reserve days are almost up. So, they decided to give him a "general" discharge so he can go be an a**hole while not being a marine.

A Marine panel split the difference Monday, recommending an immediate general discharge under honorable conditions for embattled reservist Adam Kokesh.

I did get to see some video and pictures of the incident that led to his eventual reprimand. He had a lot of his original uniform on, with or without the "badges, name tags, etc" that clearly mark it as "marine". Except for the part where everyone knows that digital pattern is only used by the marines and the part where the boonie cap he continues to wear has the "eagle, anchor and globe" on front. That, I believe was the kicker.

He says he is going to appeal it for free speech for all his fellow marines. The problem is, he is going to lose. Splitting the hairs, marines can (and do) speak their minds. They just can't do it in uniform at a political rally.

Most whackadoo's chanting in Kokesh's defense don't get that.

He continues to claim that, if he went to support "Bush" he would never be charged. Well, yes and know. Clearly, George Bush is president of the US and commander in chief. Thus, soldiers in uniform are obviously allowed to attend meetings with their commander in chief. They can go to the GOP rally or Democrat rally in uniform if they ask for permission and if they do not participate beyond being a spectator. Once you cross into taking political action in your uniform, you've crossed the line.

It's that simple. This is how we keep from having Hugo Chavez come to power with the help of the military.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw this in Sign on SD. Basically he's calling the recommendation group cowards for either a) not siding with him or b) not throwing the book at him.

He's sounding like a man with a martyr complex or a serious self desctruction streak. They just gave him a warning without ruining him. THey're being gracious and he's calling them cowards for it. That's a wee bit dangerous. I hope his mom talks to him and tells him not to screw himself this way. Speak your mind Kokesh, but don't ruin the rest of your life over something you're obviously wrong about in the method you employ.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I don't think it's just the boonie hat. It's that he wore them all together. He could get away with the blouse and jeans. Or just the boonie hat. But the whole kit? That's a uniform, flag or no flag.

ewe said...

B O O............. and you call yourself an american?

Kat said...

Yeah, I do.

Let me tell you what you totally missed at the end of that.

I do not want the military saying anything about politics in uniform that gives any representation that they are speaking as or for the military.

When the military begins to tell us who they support for a candidate, its when we start looking like and smelling like some south american (or former republic of Russia) country. WE decide who the CIVILIAN LEADERSHIP of our nation and military is, not the military. WE decide whether the military deploys or comes home, not the military not any of its members.

I will support the military in all ways. I support Kokesh's right to say what he wants. Just do not be at a political rally, in uniform and get up on the podium and make political statements or lead any political rally thusly clothed.

We have civilian leadership of the military to avoid being governed by such.

Once we cross that plain, where do you draw the line?

If he wants to speak, get out of marines, tell people you "were" a marine, show your D214 as proof and speak your piece.

If he wanted to spectate in uniform and say nothing nor participate (ie, do not march, do not speak) go to town.

Frankly, I must ask you if you call yourself an American? That you do not understand why there is a fine line between "free speech" and speaking about political ideas in uniform.

I must ask why Kokesh thinks he needs to wear his uniform while speaking to gain legitimacy except that he wants to give the impression that he is speaking for the marines or other fellow marines.

That is where he gets into trouble in my book.