Thursday, November 18, 2004

Middle East: Other Things You Should Read

I mentioned this blog before Terrorism Unveiled. The owner, known as Athena, is currently on a four month study program in Jordan for her international studies program. She has many interesting anecdotes of living in the ME as a civilian. She is also looking for donations so that she can give her rural "host" family (Bedouin) a gift before she leaves as they were so kind to her. She is also looking to provide some toys to some Palestinian children that were recently injured during some fighting. Read her stuff and enjoy a first hand experience of life in Jordan. Then you'll understand why I have been donating money and supporting her there.

Second, I recommend reading this letter from Victor David Hanson's site, from an ex-pat living in the Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he talks about the realities and some of the humor of Ramadan fasting. RF Burton, psuedonym of the letter writer, sends regular letters to VDH so I recommend keeping your eye on the site. It's very informative, again, in a first hand manner.

Don't bother going to the inner sanctum, it's empty.

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"Yes, of course, the malls..."

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