Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Silence From the Peanut Gallery: Pelosi? Reid? Murtha? Anybody?

Sen. Kerry? Murtha? Reid? Pelosi? Anybody got anything to say?

With all that silence, it makes you think:

a) The "surge" IS working and they finally decided to shut up and not look like complete idiots (though, I am sure they will take credit for "forcing" the President to "change course", yada, yada; as if they really had anything real to suggest to the forces on the ground making it happen everyday, who figured it out with their help or, more accurately, despite it)


b) They are licking their wounds in their caves trying to come up with a really good explanation why the surge isn't really working despite the progress suddenly being reported on the ground by none other than perky Katie Couric, et al.

Then again, it could simply be because this guy did the hard work...

and these men...

and these women...


Of course, it's not over until the fat lady sings. Unfortunately, Al Qaeda has a tendency to cut her throat when she starts warming up.

Yet, in this video of President Bush's speech at al Asad, I hear the first chords of Ode to Joy, It sounds a lot like "Ooo-Rah"!

h/t: mudville

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