Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahmedinejad At Ground Zero?

I haven't written for awhile. I am working on an my epic review of the current Iranian situation coming soon along with a video on how to fight the war of ideas.

In the mean time, reports are out that Iranian President of Terrorism Inc, Ahmedinejad, is looking to visit Ground Zero and "Lay a Wreath".

A lot of people are extremely unhappy.

As Mark Levin points out, at least 10 of the 19 Saudis who flew planes into the WTC, the Pentagon and who were taken out by the flight 93 passengers, passed through Iran with some official assistance. Iran, as a backer of Hezbollah, is certainly responsible for a lot of deaths. A lot of American deaths including the Marines in Lebanon, enumerable tourists, aid workers and then the Air Force deaths at Khobar towers among so many. Not to mention Ahmedinejad's participation in the Iranian Revolution and it's taking of 66 American hostages.

NOT to mention the hundreds, possibly thousands of US military personnel killed or wounded in Iraq by the Iranian Proxies with Iranian Weapons and Iranian Money.

NOT TO MENTION, Ahmedinejad declares that 9/11 is an inside job (when he knows different) and has facilitated the despicable rumors that "Jews Knew" and stayed home, among many other things he has said officially or "unofficially" through his proxies.

He is looking for a photo op so he can claim back in Iran that he paid homage to the people killed by their own government. That is how this evil scumbag works.

The New York police who arguably have one of the best counter terror intelligence organizations amongst any international city and possibly within this country, have refused security at the site stating safety due to construction. That is probably the most polite thing they could have said that would not cause an international incident in the city of the world that hosts the UN.

But, some sources claim that the Secret Service, which provides all visiting diplomats security within the US, will escort him there any way.

That is what is making people angry. I'm with them. If I could get there, I'd stand in front and get arrested, too.

However, I don't endorse the suggestion of Scott at Mark's blog. No assassination of national leaders on US soil. That would start a war that we aren't ready for. I prefer to think of Ahmedinejad in the post revolutionary, revolutionary Iran, dangling from a rope attached to a crane as it is slowly pulled up, in a square surrounded by on lookers, who, unlike those watching the repression of Iran today, will not stand silent, but cheer as his tongue hangs out, his eyes bulge and his face turns blue.

Uncle Tito's Fate at the hands of the oppressed.


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