Saturday, August 11, 2007

Visitors from the Ace of Spades: Really, I'm not that funny

I noticed that a recent conversation from the comment section at the Ace of spadeshad a lot of folks clicking on over to check out who I was.

The truth is, my blogging is not nearly as humorous or off the cuff as my comments on other blogs. I am more of a "serious" blogger that likes to research information and come to my own conclusions, largely blogging to put down my own research. Not surprisingly, they are rarely the conclusions fronted by mass media that generally resembles the Enquirer and other tabloid newspapers on cable TV steroids.

And don't get me started on Rueters or AP or any of the other mass production, mass distributed, sucks worse than an AMF Harley Davidson with 20k miles on it, lying sack of crap news organizations.

I've never been instalaunched, but I'm good with my modest links on a few good sites I read.

Although, I suppose if I'm going to ever get a link at Ace's place, I am actually going to have to write a full expose on John Edward's choice of underwear during the primaries: boxers or brief? Silky or cotton? French Cut or Thong? Hello Kitty or Transformers?

Nah....Gi Jane with a kung fu grip. That's to remind him that he is a straight man while surrounded by the overflowing, self important homosexuality that is appx 3% (ie, 9 million) of our population, where in less than 50% vote, of which less than 2% would vote for a republican so why in the hell do these folks feel like they have to pander to a social group that they will give lip service to (the thought of Hillary or Pony boy giving "lip service" just grossed me out), but won't do anything for because they will not sacrifice the other 50% of the main stream voters they hope to get who couldn't care less about gay issues? Frankly, it was a sad spectacle of kabuki theater because you know that Melissa Etheridge knows these characters are full of bull and its highly unlikely she is going to get legally married to her "life partner" in this life time.

No, I am not a homophobic. I just find certain things a little hypocritical and demeaning.

I am envious. Gay cable TV? Where in the hell is my channel? You know, real women with real issues, like: how do you eject a jammed round from your automatic pistol without damaging your manicure?

Seriously, folks, I am a serious blogger. When I read my stuff, you should hear Beethoven's fifth in the background, beating a clue or two into your head. Although, I have no regular trolls, a few screaming KOS kids have ran through the place and immediately committed suicide due to the inability to cope with statistical analysis and actual proof that there is no intelligent life on the KOS blog.

But, if you are reading here, you already know that.

If you want something funny to read, try hitting the archived section between November 2004 and February 2005 for my series: Why am I single? let me count the ways(yes, you have to find the rest of them in the archives, that just gets you started). Or a later 2005 series: Hillbilly Bikers (My family motorcycle trip to hell and back again)


Uriah said...

If you weren't on the other side of the state, I'd come over there and make you my woman!!

Kat said...

LOL....very funny. It's only a four hour drive.