Monday, August 13, 2007

Another If you Believe This...

China toy boss kills himself amid recall

BEIJING - The head of a Chinese toy manufacturing company at the center of a huge U.S. recall has committed suicide, a state-run newspaper said Monday.

Zhang Shuhong, who co-owned Lee Der Industrial Co. Ltd., killed himself at a warehouse over the weekend, days after China announced it had temporarily banned exports by the company, the Southern Metropolis Daily said.

Liu said Zhang hung himself on Saturday, according to the report. It is common for disgraced officials to commit suicide in China.

Mmmm...we are talking about the country that sentenced their equivalent to the head of the FDA to death for taking bribes along with several other officials. Something that caused some angst among their western partners. We are talking about a country with really horrible human rights abuses that they frequently try to cover up.

My bet is ol' Lee Der had some help.

This is another one that I can't believe the AFP printed without blinking.

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