Friday, April 06, 2007

Things to Read

Haliburton and KBR split

Largely because all of these gigantic profits that KBR makes as a contractor for the Pentagon has made it a losing proposiiton and Haliburton wanted to get their stock back before KBRs crash and burn takes them all down.

Shattered Soldier

Having watched Flags of our Fathers, being aware of the real story of these heroes long before the movie and, finally, have a father with PTSD who had to retire after over 20 years as a police officer who had a hard time adjusting to the fact that he was no longer "who he was" (ie, not an officer, not able to function as he once had and unwilling to take support from his family when he believed it was his job to be the supporter), I have complete sympathy for this gentleman.

I even remember his story on when they were originally trying to raise money for his home.

That it came to this pass, I am surprised but not surprised. In many ways, not only was this man changed and having to deal with those changes, he went back to live in the exact same environment he had tried to escape. That is, a bad environment.

Those who have worked with criminals before know that the reason that many are recidivists is because they go back into the very place that spawned them. Back to the dark. Back to the place they feel safest, yet is often the most destructive.

This young man did the same.

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