Monday, April 30, 2007

Off the Cuff in Kansas City

I thought I would try to restart something I tried last year, "Off the Cuff in Kansas City" where I'll address whatever topics have been generally eating at me, but I don't have time to make full posts, research or really care to do either.

First up:

Avast Ye Vast Majority

Just who in hades is this "vast majority"? First they support the war, then, according to some these days, they don't support it. They want to win in Iraq, but they want to bring our troops home.

Excuse me if I think that the "vast majority" is full of fat heads. Let's be realistic, the "vast majority" is a lame label for the idiots who spend their time taking online polls. Of which, the "vast majority" has to know that it's fixed. How many times do the same people take the poll in order to rig a number one way or the other? Plenty. I just participated in an online vote to elect someone "Dr. Mc Dreamy". Whether he really was "Dr. McDreamy" didn't matter. We wanted him to win so we flooded the polling by alerting everybody on our list. He is currently in the lead. I guess that makes me an idiot since I took the poll. It was for a good cause.

Every time I see some politician, journalist or, even bloggers, say or write the words "vast majority" I immediate weigh their reporting/opinion with a ton of salt. Mainly because I know that this "vast majority" didn't even vote in the last elections. The polls said so.

If I want to know what the "vast majority" believes, I'll walk up and down my street and ask my neighbors. I'll probably get just about as accurate an opinion as any.

I think the term "vast majority" should start being treated like the word "Nazi". Any time anyone uses the term, right or left of the aisle, I will invoke "Godwin's Law" and start scrolling by.

Out in a Blaze of Glory

What is it with messed up people deciding that they have to take everyone out with them in order to make a statement? What happened to simply killing yourself and leaving all those around you wondering why? Now, some idiot gets a bug up his arse, has a fight with his wife, or thinks the boss is a jackass and they have to start shooting everybody.

They couldn't hang themselves quietly in their garage?

I know, that is unsympathetic and lacking empathy. Shoot me. If the poor soul had actually done that, I could whip up my sympathy to an appropriate degree since I have experience with and comprehend the damage that mental illness can do to the person and their family. I have a problem giving sympathy to anyone that goes to the local school, mall or post office and starts whacking everyone in site no matter how cracked up everyone starts saying they were.

Admitting Mistakes

Pardon me if I don't feel like adding some obligatory "mistakes were made" comment to any post, comment or spoken word regarding the war. I don't comprehend it at all. Particularly in a time of war. All those who claim to know what "mistakes were made" probably don't know crap about what they are talking about, including the president.

Time for review is here and now, but not in a public setting. If the war is so important, appoint new generals and figure it out. Mistakes are always made in war either because we're an idiot or the enemy is smarter. It doesn't mean that we announce them to the enemy so he knows what to do next time. That is my chief complaint about this whole thing. It is not about what I believe or what I don't believe. It is about what the enemy believes or does not believe.

Today, Al Qaeda and its affiliates must believe that Allah has reached down and blessed them with the holy sword.

You do not fight a war by announcing your stupidity. Your enemy already knows. That's why men are dead and land is lost. The question is, will he continue to believe you're an idiot and how do you use that to your advantage?

These days, Osama must think we are such big idiots that he can come out of his cave and sunbathe in a two piece without getting blown to smithereens. Hopefully, he will believe it so well that he does just that and we do blow him to smithereens. As much as things get said about "mistakes" and "losing" this war, you could almost believe that it WAS a disinformation campaign.

Until then, loose lips sink ships.

I think this is all some messed up bit of pop psychology that thinks we should all admit our sins, get forgiveness and move on. Nice theory if you are visiting the priest and you are not the president of a nation at war. This whole "confession" and "absolution" thing has gone too far.

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