Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thomas Sowell Wrote This and I Agree

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"Women's Liberation" and the "sexual revolution" have not liberated women. They have liberated the sort of man who is a "love and leave 'em" kind of guy, who lets the woman deal with the consequences, including pregnancy.

A man wrote this and I agree. It's why I once wrote about "Feminist Against Abortion", number three on the "hit list" of my stats and #4 on Google. Real "liberation" is not about whether you can suddenly run wild all over the place. It's about having opportunities and reponsibilities that you take as your personal responsibility, not because someone told you, you should or shouldn't, but because you make that personal choice and take responsibility and accountability for all parts, good and bad.

Because we women still haven't figured that out. A t least 30% of the entire adult female population by stats regarding divorces, single parent pregnancies and the outrageous climb of STDs and AIDS among women. If women actually had to see the stats up close and personal, say, on a news station every night for two weeks, my bet would be that many, many men would suddenly be going home from the night club cold and lonely, or long term "boyfriends" that don't commit would suddenly be told to "buy or fly" and divorces would either drop out or fly sky high as women decided it was just too risky to hang out with some guy that they can't trust.

I think, in the long run, divorces would go down because, once the "free love" was cut off, men would still be trying to get it and they would have to start paying the traditional way: a ring, marriage vows and "till death do we part".

- May no soldier go unloved

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