Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Allies: British Marines Held for Third Day

Iran continues to ratchet up its acts of war in attempts to negotiate their way of out the UN Sanctions or possibly the capture of many al Qods operatives in Iraq (then there was the "defection" of a high ranking al Qods commander recently in Turkey).

All of these things point to high stakes games (though, it should not be unfamiliar to those of us who remember the Air Force crew who were held by the Chinese a few years ago).

Most see it as a "negotiating" tactic. However, these acts seem very aggressive considering the current situation.

Pajamas Media has a run down of the coverage. One blog reminded readers that the Russians had left the al Bushehr Nuclear Facility recently. Allegedly over lack of payment by the Iranians, but this poster suggested that Russia may feel the situation is far too tense to have their personnel inside Iran.

In fact, another report indicates that the Iranians had planned the kidnappings almost a week in advance.

All this while the Democrats have promised not to authorize action against Iran with Kucinich threatening "impeachment" procedures if the President acts without the consent of congress.

I don't think it is inappropriate to suggest, at this time, that these comments have, in fact, emboldened Iran to acts of war instead of de-escalating the situation.

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