Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stupid Question Deserves A Stupid Answer

People are idiots. How old and stupid can the same question get? Pretty old and stupid if you are an anti-war, gossip mongering, pin-head. It's obvious Kittey Kelley has run out of good scandals about the royals and she couldn't throw the election with her "scoop" about alleged drug use by President Bush in his youth. So, she trots out the old, lefty question:

Why Aren't the Bush Twins in Baghdad?

With Harry of the Royals going off to war, it might seem like a legitimate question. She even brings up some interesting historical points about President Roosevelt's family and Bush I's service in WWII. The problem is, right in the middle of that, she's letting off some ugly screed, intimatine war profiteering and bringing up ye olde "didn't serve" ghost from the long dead grave of the elections. So the question becomes moot as do any "good" points she makes about "examples" to the rest of the populace.

The tone is so ignorant, one must be forgiven if the impression you get is that Ms. Kelley wouldn't mind seeing one of these young ladies on Jihad TV getting blown to bits, raped or having their heads sawed off to chants of "allahu akbar" (of course, the insuing rampage of our military forces going "Nagasaki" on the entire Middle East might be her real intent - maybe she's a warmongerer after all).

In light of her tone, my answer to Ms. Kelley's question is simply this:

As soon as you crawl out of the sewer and stop profiting off the anguish and pain of others.

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