Sunday, February 18, 2007

Referrers: Should I Be Worried...

...when a referring link to this sight comes from a search for "camouflage hijab"?

Hopefully, it is a liberated middle east woman who is looking for the appropriate uniform to kick down terrorist doors.

Probably not.

On the other hand, my highest referral link (beyond the castle) are for searches regarding the Second Amendment and the right to bare arms. Let us hope I've educated a few people on the purpose and scope including the amendment that make it impossible for Congress to actually abolish that right. (now I can't find my own post on the subject - but it is very popular in google search engines).

My other favorite referral is for the search of "feminists against abortion". Probably one of my best principled stands for why feminists like me think abortion and Roe v. Wade is the worst thing that every happened to women. Far from protecting them, it may actually be leading to their deaths and serious illness because we have not put enough emphasis on "responsibility" of sexual freedom and spent too much time on giving women a way out of being accountable.

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