Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knights of Iraq

No, it isn't an al Qaida affiliate. It's the order that recognizes the sacrifice of Iraq Police and Military along the lines of the American Purple Heart or "Order of George Washington".

BAGHDAD – More than 30 Iraqi Police officers were formally recognized for their dedication and personal sacrifice during a ceremony held in their honor at the 1st Battalion, 6th Brigade, 2nd National Police Division Headquarters in Baghdad recently.

This first-ever ceremony made the honorees a member of a new order known as the “Knights of Iraq.”[snip]

“I feel great on this great day because I’m recognizing my great soldiers, my best guys who were wounded, and the guys who sacrificed their lives in action,” said Iraqi Police Col. Ali Mohammed, who is the assistant commander. “These [policemen] work hard and put everything, even their lives in danger, for fighting the terrorist and even the bad people.

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