Sunday, March 20, 2011

Story of Our Life Time: Freedom Rising

In this moment of history, it is appropriate for us to look back at the place and moment when freedom was attacked.  The moment that would become Al Qaeda's waking of the sleeping giant.  

On 9/11, the forces of tyranny and oppression attacked the United States.  Our response was not simply to attack and kill those who were immediately responsible, but the very ideas that propelled their murderous violence.  They believe that freedom is evil, a highway to sin against the dictates of God.  We believe that freedom is a gift of the All Mighty and the power that lifts man kind towards the greatest good.  

Our ideas cannot be any further apart and they have been tested over and over again.  From Iraq to Afghanistan to Tunisia to Egypt to Libya and on and on and on, the Arab Muslim populations are rejecting their ideology, rejecting oppression and tyranny.  Every vote is a repudiation of their theocratic aspirations.  Even the participation of ideological travelers insists that it is freedom, not oppression that fuels the dreams of men.  

With every finger painted purple, pink, green, whatever color, it might as well be painted red, white and blue.  

Their ideas will go with the rest of the oppressive, dysfunctional ideologies: into the ash heap of history.  From the ashes of our once stricken city to the ashes of their ideology, we see the future:

For years, the future has been slow to appear at the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. But with six months remaining until the national 9/11 memorial opens, the work to turn a mountain of rubble into some of the inspiring moments envisioned nearly a decade ago is thundering forward.

This March 15, 2011 photo shows the Freedom Tower, right, rising above the World Trade Center site in New York. Rebirth has been slow in coming to ground zero, but with six months remaining until the first portions of the national 9/11 memorial are scheduled to open to the public, the work to turn a mountain of rubble into one of the world"s great urban centers is thundering forward and beginning to produce some of the inspiring monuments designers envisioned nearly a decade ago.

Freedom is "thundering forward".  They destroy, we build.  

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