Thursday, March 31, 2011

Egypt and Democracy: A New Coat of Paint

'Freedom Painters' bring new life to Nasr City walls

Groups of young people, armed with paints and brushes have been running around, painting the "new graffiti" of Freedom.  One gentleman suggests:

“Imagine a mural running the length of the corniche,” he suggested. “Or government facilities bearing artistic logos and murals -- it would be a vast improvement on the depressing buildings we have now,” he said, claiming that these government institutions are not only old-fashioned and “sick-looking,” but remnants of “an age that has been brought to its long-overdue end.”

“It wouldn’t cost much,” he reasoned. “Paints, brushes, art supplies -- those things aren’t that expensive. A single generous businessman could sponsor such an effort independently.”
“It makes sense,” he insists. “A new coat of paint for a new beginning.”

That was after he complained that most of the writing was in English, that Egyptians spoke Arabic and the art should be for Egyptians.  Then he changed his mind.  Freedom is Freedom in any language.

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