Monday, June 28, 2004

Iraq sovereignty Declared 2 Days Ahead of Schedule

I had to put this in right now. I was up working on my pet project when I heard the news. 2:02 AM Central Standard Time....

Happy Birthday Free Iraq!

The CPA is dissolved. No more occupation. We are now there under the auspices and invitation of the Iraqi government.

The so called "resistance" doesn't have a damn thing to "resist" anymore. At least not ideologically. The other Iraqi bloggers I have become so fond, of are reporting that the Iraqi people are getting pissed off! They want these guys and they want them bad.


No wonder I like that Allawi character. They called Bush a cowboy for making those kind of statements. Allawi has just become my favorite "cowboy" of the middle east.

I think Sarmad wants to join the posse.

Saddle up boys, we've got a job to do!

Update: 3:33 AM CST USA

Paul Bremer has left the building. Thank ya...thank ya very much!

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