Monday, May 02, 2011

On This Day: Names I Choose to Remember

In ancient (and now modern day Egypt), there was a practice of removing the Pharaoh's cartouche from all official mention.  I am going to follow that tradition by putting up names of people whose names I choose to remember:

Rick Rescorla: He didn't die for a cause.  He just did what he had to.

Todd Beamer: Facing sure death, he chose to fight until the end, he did not hide waiting for death to find him.

Rafael Peralta: A man who sacrificed so others might live, not a man who sacrificed others for his ego.

Capt. Brian Chontosh: He ran towards the fight to save his men, he did not hide behind his men to save himself.

Sgt Maj. Brad Kasal: He refused to leave until all of the wounded were extracted, he did not leave his men behind to be massacred while he escaped.

Michael P. Murphy: Broke cover to save his men and exposed himself to the enemy, he did not hide behind fifteen foot walls or a defenseless woman to save his own skin.

Sal Giunta: Actually spent fifteen months clinging to side of mountain without running water or a bathroom and ended up fighting off overwhelming odds to save his friends, he did not spend his days at leisure inside a million dollar mansion, taking lunch on a shaded patio in comfort while most of his men lived in caves and mud huts. 

Father Mychal P. Judge: Spent his life spreading the message of God's eternal love dying as he gave benedictions for rescuers saving lives and last rites to the dead and dying, he did not issue religious messages condoning murder and spreading hate in the name of God.

These names will continue to be listed until the Pharaoh's name is erased from memory.

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