Saturday, October 30, 2004

Open Letter To Michael Moore

Osama Bin Laden and F9/11

Mr. Moore,

You are a scurrilous, obese, disgusting, treasonous dog. A stinking boil on the ass of humanity.

How did it feel when you heard Osama Bin Laden, the arch enemy and single most prolific mass murderer of 3000 Americans, quote your movie? Did it give you a vicarious thrill? You piece of shit.

Not enough that your poisonous filth was distributed by the terrorist "minutemen" of your fantastical nightmare, Hezbollah, or shown in Iran, that "free" country that hangs little girls for speaking out against the religious fanaticism of her country while you decry the faith of the President of the country which you infamously claim citizenship to. You must now believe yourself some Godhead, having captured the attention of your favorite celebrity, the same scum which you declared justified in his acts only a day after your fellow citizens were burned to a crisp in two towers by an inferno of jet fuel, or forced to jump to their death from 100 stories, crushed beneath the weight of hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete. Nothing left to identify them but a shard of a leg bone, a tooth, a finger.

And the patriots and soldiers at their duty stations in the Pentagon, who have forever protected your odious right to free speech and produce the filthy lie you call a documentary. Or the men and women on flight 93 over Pennsylvania, who understood better than you, a piece of offal not worthy of gracing the bottom of their shoes, what it meant to be real patriots and minutemen. Giving their very last breath to protect this country you so despise.

In your imposter of a documentary, you claim that Halliburton was a war profiteer and yet, there you live in your mansion, bought with the money you made not only from the blood of those 3000 victims, but the blood of the Iraqis and the blood of the soldiers. You evil, bleeding, puss ridden hemorrhoid on society.

You declared that Americans were stupid and then you proved it to yourself by producing propaganda for their very killers and they watched it with glee, filling your pockets with the thirty shekels of silver for a Judas. How appropriate that image is. If only you would hang yourself like Judas and save us the the ignomy of your presence in the same world as the heroic families of those victims.

How you must have laughed up your sleeve as they bought the tickets, DVD's or rented your movie. Wallowing in your blood money like Caligula at an orgy.

Zell Miller once declared that he wished we lived in a time when a man could challenge another to duel when confronted with the smirking face of Chris Matthews. For me, I wish we lived in a time when men like you were whipped, tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. Of course, to remove you in such a fashion would require that the rail be a fifteen inch steel I-beam, the Las Braes tar pits would have to be drained to cover your fat, postule ridden body and the number of chickens that would need to be killed to cover your humongous, sweaty ass with feathers would be nothing short of genocide. Lastly, to carry you from our presence would require two F350 pick up trucks with steel re-enforced frames.

You think yourself Prometheus, bringing fire and light to humanity. It is my hope that your everlasting damnation be the same as his, chained to a mountain while vultures eat your liver out every day, only to regenerate and have it happen again from here to eternity. Ahh...but that would still not be good enough as the vultures would probably choke on the putrid fat and flesh of your body before they ever reached the only functioning organ you ever possessed.

You will go down in infamy as the Goebbels of the twenty first century. Benedict Arnold without the grace or past heroic endeavors of even a traitor like he.

What words are there to describe you? A traitor. A murderer. A pig. A viper at the breast of America and her sister Liberty.

In your last days, as you lay dying in the stinking heaping sty you will call a bed, my fondest hope is that you die screaming at the ghosts of your cruel hypocrisy, choking on the evil bile that is your whoring, decrepit soul.

And don't think that I want you to die too soon. No, that would be too easy. I want you to live and see what you have wrought with that duplicitous, blackened lump of coal you call your mind. Live well off your blood money, you pompous hypocrite, the better the demons to torment you in the rejected, lonely future I foresee for you. Because even that traitorous bastard ex-President Jimmy Carter will be forced to abandon you to your own ignomy once the next attack of your pernicious hero is perpetrated having spoken your very words. All those who once lauded you at Caanes will speak your name in a hushed, harsh whisper, lest they be reminded of how they once bowed down and kissed your hairy, amorphous ass.

As you have no heart and no love for your fellow man, I see you dying, unloved and unwanted by the very society you wished to pervade with that perverse pornography you called the "truth".

Sleep easy tonight, for I am sure that no nightmare will disturb you as you must first have a soul to be so tormented. I am sure if you ever read this you would shrug and wash your hands, like Pontius Pilate, of the blood of the innocents you helped to kill. Keep scrubbing, their blood will never wash off, because it is a stain forever branded on the stinking ass of your life.

You are reviled and remain so, forever more.

Proud Citizen of the United States of America


Anonymous said...

Oh My God Kat! We SOOOOOO think a like. I just wrote the SAME THING at Cigarette Smoking Man & ~Jen~'s pages!!!!
Can you believe that? He SO OBVIOUSLY saw that movie and it's beyond disgusting...Do people realize that there is a difference between free speech -political dissent and TREASON!?

tescosuicide said...

This is tesco clapping - If only that fat scumbag could read this.

This is outstanding Kat.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Like you, I can taste the bile rising in my throat when I think of what Moore and the rest of those cowards have wrought. If Kerry wins there will be no living with them. Go vote. Everyone go vote.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. Like, I SO totally agree with Ala71. Like, Michael Moore is such a traitor and all. And like, we should so burn him at the stake, and stuff. That would be way cool. Oops, gotta run, time for my thrice-daily peroxide treatment. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Yup. Dittos. You go girl!


RightAllTheTime said...

Aaaah, sweet sweet sanity. To share a highlight of my week: both of my local blockbusters have shelves upon shelves of Farenpuss 9/11 dvds, NONE Of them rented out.

Anonymous said...

Terrific post! I linked this on Free Republic (hope that's okay ;) )

ms heather

Anonymous said...

It's "ignominy".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed a good rant about Jabba. I'll sleep well tonight, knowing that there are still patriotic Americans to defend this country against opportunistic elitists who hate this country.

Anonymous said...

How Bigoted, Hidebound, Illiberal, Insular, Petty, Short-Sighted, Small-Minded, Strait-Laced and Unenlarged one must be to view life as you all do... Focus on a persons weight as your only resorce for foray...


You should at least make valid arguments on the points descused by Michael Moore.

The fact is that Jorge W. Bush is a pointy head simpleton! Not only that but when he funds an anti-carry film to air one day before the elections out of our tax money.. he is not just a simpleton but an unrealistic old fogy.

Anonymous said...


typical self-indulgent winger garbage.

personally, i'm more angry that this cocksucker is alive, healthy, and able to distrubute propaganda like this.

fact is, bin laden is as tuned into the american zeitgeist as anyone else. he knows he's feared and hated, and he knows the political conversation of this election. i don't think he was channeling moore specifially..

it is typical though, and telling, that you reserve your outrage and hate for Moore, rather than bin laden...

Kat said...

Ah...I hope my anonymous friends come back to and read my letter to bin Laden, which I was interruped from writing. Worry not friends. I have saved my best for him. Michael Moore incites my anger, but bin Laden, for him I reserve my coldest fury.

As for addressing the points of his movie, it's been done 1000 times. I feel no need to do it again. You anonymous folks wouldn't listen anyway, which is why I put my mind to write him what I think of him.

But go on, in the face of the bastard bin Laden reciting parts of Moore's movie, you defend him and so, you are reviled, too. Let us hope you were at least a little disturbed, lest you realize who you really are.

Do you know why he is the first to feel my wrath? Because he is an American. That makes him the worst kind. A fellow citizen who has enjoyed the rights and privileges provided by this country and yet has assisted the enemy. He could have done no worse than be the pilot on one of those planes. *************************************************

Tesco, ala, right...thank you. It was off the cuff. Right in the middle of writing bin Laden, In addressing his odious speech and his actions, I realized where he got some of his information and I had to write down what I thought of the scum from Michigan.

Yoel Natan said...

164 Jihad Verses in the Koran:

G-Man said...

C'mon Kat, don't hold back... Tell us what you really think ;-)

DANEgerus said...

I have an open invitation:

"I invite anyone who is interested to a little celebration. When Michael Mhore's puny little heart explodes lets all take a trip to urinate on his grave. I'm going... You are welcome to join me. " -- DANEgerus

I assume there will be a line?


Zelda said...

Great blog! You're an excellent writer! I love how you let Michael Moore have it! I'm linking to you. If you ever get a response from him, please share.

Tammi said...

You nailed that one Kat (as always). I can't wait to read the next one.

Thoughtful and reflective - with just the right amount of anger. Those of us that read you on a regular basis know how well you've covered the points you mention.

Great job!

The Right Canuck said...

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy = treason?

Tom the Redhunter said...

My thoughts exactly, Kat. I second everything you said.

Moore was disgusting enough before bin Laden's latest video, but once I, too, realized that he was parroting that fat bastard I was furious.

"Anonymous"(the last two); you are an idiot and a coward. Quite a combination.

Just to piss myself off more I just went to Moore's web site. Do you think he has said one word about bin Laden's latest? Of course not. But of course he doesn't care.

He is revolting.

Brittany said...

Excellent. I posted a link to it on my blog when I did my little rant :)

Anonymous said...

Preach sister, preach - we can ONLY hope that it puts enough of a scare in the frigging liberals that they realize that scary Kerry won't be of any use in a crisis. Please Lord, let Bush have four more years.

Frater Bovious said...

I stand back, awed, shielding my eyes from the white heat of your anger; sharing it and only wishing I were half as eloquent.

Blight, thy name is Michael Moore.


Unknown said...

I never cease to be amazed at the boldness of an ANONYMOUS poster. You gutless wretches, you dare to say, "no, you're wrong. Mike is a swell guy," but don't even have the huevos to post ANY name, even a pseudonym (that's a big word for "fake name"). Screw you and your position. You know why? Because you can't even stand up for yourselves, much less produce a cogent thought in defense of your feckless hero, the aforementioned tub of corpulent offal, Mike Moore. Get bent, you miserable, gutless cowards.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

It's been my life's observance that hatred hurts no one but he or she who does the hating. This was why I posted the photo gallery I leeched out of Protest Warrior to show the seething, slithering hatred the left have for W and for all of us who want America to be strong.

I know that sometimes it's very tempting to mimick the behavior of the left, and boil over in anger, and to breathe fire and brimstone the way they do, but I think we should be better than they are. We should be the cool, calculating, level-headed faction which knows that which must be done and simply does it, by hook or by crook, and let the insipid yammering of the dogs out on the street get swept away by the cleaners thereof.

Whenever I get tempted to hate, I just do breathing exercises, let it all flow out, like fixing a short by connecting the ground wire. Then I become functional again.

That being said, it is without hatred or even anger that I point out that it is probable that Bin Laden harvests his propaganda ideas from a wide variety of sources on the left, chiefly Michael Moore but certainly not leaving out Max Cleland, Jesse Jackson, Robert Byrd, nearly all of the music industry, extreme leftist college professors, TV news anchors (outside of Fox) and Kerry and Edwards themselves.

It's a win-win situation for Bin Laden at this particular juncture of timing, because if Bush wins the election it can be said he knew who his enemy was going to be for the next four years; and if Bush loses he could claim to have swayed the American people with his words, the way train bombs did in Spain. The latter would be a terrible accusation of American cowardice because at least in Spain the bombs had to go OFF. Here all it takes is a few threats, couched in quotes from the Democrat National Convention, and that's all she wrote here.

I am prepared for either eventuality on 11/2. Either a Bush victory and the moronic rioting the mindless left will predictably resort to out of immature unacceptance of their loss; or a Bush loss and the decorum we shall have to display and an example we'll have to set as a truly LOYAL opposition, supporting people we don't agree with as they take charge of the tasks of the war with terrorists.

Jason Rubenstein said...


Moore is probably proud.

Decent Democrats are probably embarassed and disgusted...

All three of them ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ciggy...geesh, I can't have any fun? I was pissed when I wrote it, that's for sure.

However, for bin Laden, it is cold and calculating revenge.

Whitedeer said...

Hugs on ya Kat :)

Moore has played with fire... it's going to come back around and burn his ass to the ground in ways he cannot yet imagine. Karma is funny like that...

Kathleen A said...

YEAH! What she said. Good job Kat.

riceburner147 said...

Before we tar and feather lets see what the LAW (you remember, the Constitution that we love) says about treason;

In law, treason is the crime of disloyalty to one's nation. A person who reneges on an oath of loyalty or a pledge of allegiance, and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]."

To avoid the abuses of the English law, treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution. Article Three defines treason as only levying war against the United States or "in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort", and requires the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act or a confession in open court for conviction. In the United States Code the penalty ranges from "shall suffer death" to "shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

In the United States, the accusation of treason has at times been levelled at those who dissented against the government's foreign policy, especially during military actions. However, actual prosecutions have been very rare, and even very well known spies have generally been convicted of espionage rather than treason.

In the history of the United States there have been fewer than 40 federal prosecutions for treason and even fewer convictions. Several men were convicted of treason in connection with the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion but were pardoned by George Washington. The most famous treason trial, that of Aaron Burr in 1807, resulted in acquittal. Politically motivated attempts to convict opponents of the Jeffersonian Embargo Acts and the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 all failed. Significantly, after the American Civil War, no person involved with the Confederate States of America was charged with treason, and only one major Confederate official, the commandant of the Andersonville prison who was charged with war crimes, was charged with anything at all.

In the 20th century, treason has become largely a wartime phenomenon, and the treason cases of World Wars One and Two were of minor significance. Most states have provisions in their constitutions or statutes similar to those in the U.S. Constitution. There have been only two successful prosecutions for treason on the state level, that of Thomas Dorr in Rhode Island and that of John Brown in Virginia.


The Price of Free Speech is Objectionable Speech.

We need to be sober and deliberate so that people will listen to us when we point out the lies of people like Michael Moore, and to do that we need not sink to his level

(copied from my posting at Ala's blog)

Anonymous said...

Out-fucking-standing! Brava!

Barbara Skolaut
(who didn't wish to make a Blogger account to post this, but didn't want to be "anonymous" either.)

vanderleun said...

Ah, masterful. I do so wish I had had the ability to write that. Lacking that, the only thing I can do is link it.

Mongo said...

WOW... Tell us how your REALLY FEEL.

Leave it to a wonderful person from the other side of the Show Me State to Show Me what matters.


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Riceburner, I agree with the general gist of what you say about the legality of "treasonous words", although I would note that when it progresses beyond speech to material aid, and material comfort, to America's enemies, American legal precedent does not so swiftly surround the offender with such a near-impenetrable wall of defense. During the Clinton administration, members of America's "militia movement" were captured and prosecuted on such grounds, on somewhat ephemeral ties to Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, or some of the others who advocated violence after the Waco tragedy. Mark Koernke is still in jail in Michigan, last I heard, for brandishing a rifle at a process server--an offense normally resulting in 30 days in County or thereabouts, but because of his political ties, they're "still making an example out of him".

The U.S. Constitution very much has a "sticks and stones" attitude--talk trash all you want, but pick up a rock and you WILL get crushed.

I think some on the left are itching to pick up a rock, and they may want to study the Koernke case before they do so.

Step through the looking-glass here to see a right-wing version of what the left shows out on the streets today.

TonyP said...

Absolutely right on target.

However, on the F350's, knowing the capacity of these vehicles, I doubt that they would carry Michael Moore's (a.k.a. Jabba the Hut) ever expanding mass. Two of these vehicles could possibly carry 6,000 pounds.

Even without the tar that we need to add for this deed, I believe that we are more in the line of a heavy-duty flatbed. These will handle about 63,000 pounds. Using video comparison diagnostics, I estimate that Michael's weight would just be able to fit with about 2,000 pounds of tar (just enough to cover all the crevices one might find on his lunar landscape).

However, I believe that the overweight taxes for vehicular transport would force us to go rail. It really is a toss up on what would be cheaper.

Donal said...

Ok its faor to say you hate Moore for what he is and what he does. But just because OBL quoted his movie doesnt make him a traitor. After all OBL is a man so evil that he has used a holy book that once was the basis for one of the greatest civilizations the world has seen, he will use anything and everything to further his own ends. The best way to fight men like him is to ignore them (outside of defense or offense to stop their actions) By responding to what he says in any fashion is to give him power. The Goebels charge- doesnt really fit Moore at this time he's only produced one work to Goebels hundreds not to mention intent. CSM neither the far right or the far left deserve to run this country- the people who do (the ones being ignored this election) are the people in the middle, the moderates, the people who arent absolutly sure that they have the one and only true answer. The election is in two days and I find people on both sides that make me sick.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

"The Goebels charge- doesnt really fit Moore at this time he's only produced one work to Goebels hundreds not to mention intent."

Actually Moore's produced about a half-dozen or so films similar to F 9/11. It's just that F 9/11 is his most popular, which indicates to me that he's more of a follower than an instigator, in the left-wing hatefest out there. Those millions of protesters didn't just pop up overnight.

"CSM neither the far right or the far left deserve to run this country- the people who do (the ones being ignored this election) are the people in the middle, the moderates, the people who arent absolutly sure that they have the one and only true answer."

That in itself can be an extremist ideology though. If you "extremely" believe in always going for the half a loaf rather than at least trying to get everything you want, then what you really end up with is a quarter loaf because the counter-offer by the other side is "nothing". You're not very familiar with how to negotiate, are you?

"The election is in two days and I find people on both sides that make me sick."

I actually do too, but I find a higher number of them, and to a higher degree, on the left-hand side of the political equation at the moment.

Kat said...


You quibble about one word and it's meaning. i assume you agree with the remainder of the charges?

As for 'treason', i believe treason to be in the intent of the person. Was his intent to just make money? To just prick the American people?/

Was he just a stupid dupe who thought himself a jester?

I believe his acts to be questionable in this regard:
He advocated the defeat of American forces during wartime.
He presented lies about America and the President during war time,
He conspired to have his film distributed to the enemies of the United States for the purpose of giving the enemy aid and comfort
He conspired to undermined the morale of the American soldiers during wartime and interfere with a war effort by distributing his film to mililitary personnel for free and into a warzone
He solicited and printed letters of dissent from soldiers on the front line in order to decrease morale and interfere with the war effort

We haven't even gotten to the fact, having conspired to have his film distributed to the enemy, portions of his film being used for propaganda by the enemy, he has now provided aid and comfort to the enemy.

If you look in my archives i do discuss Free Speech and Political dissent vs. treason.

Check it and tell me where I am wrong.

Donal said...

CSM always trying to get everything you want is fine as long as you have the desire to negotatiate- the problem is the Bush admin has no such desire. Have you looked at the way they vilify anyone who disagrees with them? Look at Zell Miller who accused Democrats of trying to bring down the Commander-in-Chief by having the gall to run against him. He said what they couldnt get away with saying but its what they feel. Rove belives you can win by energizing your base and ignoring the rest of the country. You might win that way but you cant govern that way. Kat- I dont really want to defend Moore, I saw F911 and it was a one-sided film. But treason is a very serious charge- if its something we fling around casually it degrades the value of the charge. You claim he wants America to be defeated- that he encourages the enemy to attack us. No where have I seen where he has stated this, even implicitly (if you have a link please share) Just because the enemy uses portions of your work does not mean you encourage or share his views. Where in your view of free speech is there a place to disent with the actions of your government? The problem is there is no clear history in this country as to what a loyal opposition in war time is to look like. Your post has gotten me thinking about that problem. I shall go searching for how this problem was handled by the British who have had this concept for years and thru many wars. My problem is that many on the right try to lump people with extermists views about the war with people who disagree with it.

Anonymous said...

OK..nice one Kat. But where are the pic of the naked girls???

Angela said...

Thanks G-man for turning me on to Kat's blog and this post in particular. I'll be pointing my loyal readers to this one for sure! I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog Kat. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You

I am retired from the Air National Guard last DEC. I served in both Gulf Wars and have been insulted by Moores movie and his continual attacks on our country. Again I just wanted to say Thank You.

Chuck Lewis -CMSGT, Ret.

Anonymous said...

Somebody hasn't been taking their medication lately. I suggest you call for a refill. Immediately.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

"CSM always trying to get everything you want is fine as long as you have the desire to negotatiate- the problem is the Bush admin has no such desire."

The time to negotiate is AFTER elections, silly, not DURING them.

"Have you looked at the way they vilify anyone who disagrees with them? Look at Zell Miller who accused Democrats of trying to bring down the Commander-in-Chief by having the gall to run against him."

I think you misquote Mr. Miller.

"He said what they couldnt get away with saying but its what they feel."

However much you charge for your psychic readings to people, I think they are getting ripped off.

"Rove belives you can win by energizing your base and ignoring the rest of the country."

This would explain "9/11 Democrats" then?

"You claim he wants America to be defeated- that he encourages the enemy to attack us. No where have I seen where he has stated this"

Mr. Moore stated, regarding the Iraqi insurgency, and I quote:

"The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win."

It's still up and available on Moore's own website here.

Seems you don't know much about Michael Moore and yet pontificate endlessly about him. Might I suggest some more serious research before you embarrass yourself further?

"I shall go searching for how this problem was handled by the British"

It would seem the way it was handled by the British was a major motivation for our forefathers to fight them for our independance from them.

Chief Lewis: were you in the 314th OMS? Or the 8th SOS? I may have been in one of your Squadrons at one time. That is, unless it was a different CMSgt Lewis...

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


They say Missouri is a "bellwether" state, the political crucible in which the candidates mettle is fired and tested. It is historical, he who wins Missouri wins America. We, in the heart of the middle of the United States, reflect the sentiments of "the average American." We're also the "Show Me State," we look at deeds, not words.

The mainstream media reacted to Michael Moore's anti-Bush movie with dissonant praise; most essentially said "We know Michael Moore is lying, but we hope it helps defeat George Bush." Now that Osama Bin Laden has adopted Michael Moore's propaganda in 2004, just as General Giap adopted John Kerry's propaganda in 1971, it becomes unmistakably obvious which way this election will play out.

Missouri will vote for Bush. So will America.

-Mr. Beamish (in St. Louis)

CyberLiz said...

I can't abide the thought of Moore sitting among the honored guests at John Kerry's inauguration (**SHUDDER**), with a disgusting smirk all over his fit, ugly face...One more reason to vote for Mr. Bush!!

Donal said...

CSM you said "The time to negotiate is AFTER elections, silly, not DURING them." I was not refering to anything that has occured during the last six months- I'm refering to what has happened in the first 3 years of the Bush presidency. Miller said "our nation is being torn apart and made weaker because of the Democrat's manic obsession to bring down our Commander in Chief." That seems pretty clear that Miller doesnt like the fact that Kerry turned this election into such a close race. The psychic crack- they choose the man who would deliver the keynote address and the Republicans are so relentlessly on message I refuse to belive they didnt know what he would say. I dont see how Rove's belife that he can win just by getting Republicans to vote has anything to do with 9/11 democrats- that just makes no sense to me. I dont pontifacte endlessly on Moore (I dont like him) I just thought calling him a traitor was carrying it to far. I hadnt seen that quote before and its disgusting but is it treachery? I remain unconvinced. I wasnt talking about the British in the late 1700s but during WW1 and WW2.

Anonymous said...

When Michael Moore dies and goes to Hell,he'll be made to change that old whore HBW's Depends for the next 1000 years while he is forced to watch all the old people fuck at

Tyson said...

hay look im not an american i have never been to america im an australian and proud to be so but you know what RIGHT ON!! i totally belive what you have said in what you have wrote and that this micheal moore can burn in hell for all i care and i belive alot of other australias are behind you and it is great to see that finally someone is sticking it to that fat blob

Tyson Corliss

Anonymous said...

I think I feel pretty much the same as you do about mr. moore, I do however think it's irrelivant and immature to talk about his obvious physical flaws & shortcomings. These things have nothing to do with why we all dislike him so intensly.(would you hate him any less if he looked like Tom Selleck) Making fun of someones looks is schoolyard stuff, you certainly don't need to resort to that to get your point across.

Rickvid in Seattle said...


Traitors are as traitors do. Gotta pinch the chocolate to know what's inside. Run, Mikey, run (or waddle, Mikey, waddle)

Hey, Anon and the rest getting your panties into a snit about references to MM's weight: it is a major part of his costume! Like the jeans, the grubby t-shirt, the unbuttoned long sleeve shirt or jacket, the dummy hat - it's all a costume! He may wear it around all the time, but except for his appearance at Cannes, where he shoehorned into a tux, the phoney "Mike from Flynt" signature, it is his schtick. So it is, as Lizzie Edwards would say, fair game. Hey, check out the photo at, providing you got a strong stomach.

Kat, KATN, kid!

Anonymous said...

I think that MM is the scum of the earth, and that only the most fanatical of the left wing nutcases(90% of the Hollywood crowd) like or respect him.
I also believe that Kat is a very intelligent, well read, and extremely articulate psychotic.She takes a screeching, spewing, head spinning hatred to a whole new level. Whoever is caring for her needs to get her re evaluated or double her present dosage.----She makes Regan( remember the "Exorcist") look like Mr Peepers.

Anonymous said...

letters like that (open letter to Mr Moore)are what he lives for, in fact he revels in it. She is playing right into his grimy hands. When he can get his detractors THIS angry, he has accomplished his mission. The most effective way to get to him, is the Dennis Miller approach. You stay calm, cool, and smiling, while hitting him with funny, slashing, biting, sarcastic wit.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore should be made to watch all those old uglyass bitches like HBW at fuck!! Now THAT would be punishment!!

Anonymous said...

I did not think someone so inherently stupid could manage to use such a keyboard for such a prolonged amount of time...

Michael Moore tried doing you simpleton neanderthal americans a service and enlightening you, unfortunatly do to deep seated self rightheousness and fascism that is the "american way" too many of you were brainwashed to do anything about it...

Osama is just a bogey man Bush and co are using to keep you scared little creatures so you do as they please, you are all nothing but the most basic form of puppet.

How fucking convenient that Osama happens to record a video the week of election quoting Michael Moore and making comments about the election, please could any other race of people be so more gullible than americans to fall for this devious ploy.

If Osama was such a threat and was hellbent determined to destroy america and freedom hasnt it occured to any of you braindead republican biological mass of ignorance that perhaps there would have been more terrorist attacks since 9-11.. but no, there has been no attacks from sleeper cells or any group of islamic militants based in the US in YEARS!...
wonder why ????
Because they dont exist you simple flecking fools.. they are just figments of your imagination, placed their by your government to keep you nice and compliant, like sheep in a paddock.

To the person who wrote this letter, you are just sterotypical trailer trash who has somehow managed to learn how to use a keyboard and spell checker so you could slew together this inane attempt at an insult of someone who is far more educated and enlightened on such matters than you could ever hope to be.

You dont even compare to the sweat of moore's ass crack for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a classic case of an ultra-extreme lefty who is not taking the election results very well.--- Do you really think anyone takes this kind of sore loser rant seriously?

Anonymous said...

You are living proof that an inherently stupid person can use a keyboard for an extended period of tme.

Druss said...

Well said. I am posting from the UK, and our lefty communist media sucks up to every towel head scumfuck and anti American who spouts bile against the west.

I am glad someone has the same opinion of Moore as myself. I actually have bought his books to see if he had any grain of truth or even basic reporting skills- alas none were to be found.

Fuck Moore.

Anonymous said...

All of you categorised as trailer trash by anonymous really don't see the big picture. Which race controls the American economy? They are a minority.They pump money into both presidential candidates. Any American President will be their puppet. This is the shadow government that actually controls America. The moneymen. Greedy, dirty. Hitler knew it and he did something about it. bin Laden is not going after us..he's after them. So's Saddam. Henry Ford, and many others quietly plotting the economic takeover from these people. Money is power. As long as they are in control, the world will keep spinning the way they want it. Chaos, controlled by them.

Anonymous said...

If this was, as Kat so ignorantly put it, such a terrible occurance then why is the documentary such a great success?

The "blood-money" he's made is from your neighbours, your bosses (if u blood-sucking, eccentric fools even have jobs and don't just sit at home typing vindictive bullshit) and even your friends!
these movies are popular for a good reason, they provide another side to the story and provide a much broader perspective than you people are giving it credit for.

If i were you i'd stop this stupid-talk and talk about something you know something about.

In my oppinion this whole discussion is just a pointless waste of time on behalf of all of you. Do you really think you're making a difference?

Come on guys get a grip...or a hobby.

Anonymous said...

that letter was pathetic, as is the fool who called the anonymous people cowards, this ones to you kat:


treason?? once more pathetic, treason is the excuse they used to hang people who didn't agree with them in medieval times, you mention the little girl whp was hanged for speaking out against her religion in your letter, and yet you accuse michael moore of treason for disagreeing with your government. well done kat, you did well, i assume your ridiculous lette which had no actual valid points was to gain kudos from the extremists and fanatics who visit this blog and you succeeded.

and as for you jr, you think somehow posting two meaningless letters as your name makes you more "courageous" than people writing under the name anonymous? if you think it does than you are *almost* as pathetic as kat, but not quite.

Anonymous said...

George Bush is responsible for 150,000 deaths (in Iraq) and another one every 12 minutes...
Well done America.
The only thing you seem to be able to liberate, are people from their lives.
As for Kat..sad, pathetic and without content. Your letter is one of a person with to much time on their hands and..oh yawn...I can't even be bothered.
You should listen too the few "non sheep" you have left in your war mongering nation....Land of the arse..
And JR. I'm sure "pseudonym" is a big word for you...