Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Manufactured" Iranian Support

A Major that helped prepare information on the Iranian support for Iraq terrorists was upset over the Star Tribune (and many other) editorials claiming that the president had it created to escalate war with Iran.

He wrote to Power Line and sent some slides that do not appear to be "manufactured" for anything other than pointing out the existence of Iranian arms and Iranian Qods in Iraq that have been responsible for killing American Soldiers and Iraqi civillians.

"Our overriding intent is to save lives and if this means that one soldier is saved by our going public, then it is worth it, especially if it was your son."

Frankly, I think it is obvious that someone is supplying Iranian manufactured arms to the Shia and Sunni terrorists in Iraq. I don't think the Shia are getting their arms from France or Germany, do you?

Considering the Austrian Sniper Rifles that showed up in Iraq originally and allegedly ordered for the Iranian police, I think its a very good bet (and been saying it for over a year, since Steven Vincent's death) that the Iranians are in a proxy war with us.

Why do you think the Democrats really fear "escalation" and want our troops to come home? It is Vietnam. The part where everybody knows that the Chinese (Iran) and Russians (Syria) are not only supplying arms, but men, money and intelligence.

They want to give up Iraq for numerous reasons. One of which includes getting out before the Iranians do something so outright and aggregious (President Ahmanidiot being so blatant) that the US is forced to respond, thus escalating the war in the region.

This they can keep trying to paint as something other than direct support. All accept for the ManPADS clearly stamped in Farsi, the TNT clearly stamped in FARSI, the numerous Qods officers that have been rounded up.

How do you make that "manufactured"? Apparently, you just say it is so and it is.

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to see Farsi. As soon as the Americans paint that on there, I guess I will.