Monday, August 01, 2005

Homosexual Jihadis?

Probably not the most enlightening thing I could write about on the blog, but I thought a little perverse humor might be in order.

Chrenchoff reports in his "good news from Iraq" that the famous Iraq's Most Wanted program which shows the recorded confessions of terrorists and insurgents for their crimes (usually in Arabic), recently showed a Kurdish Sunni terrorist, confessing his crimes and those of his group. For many in Iraq, the confession was accompanied by shocking video that included a beheading, a rape and mutilation of a woman by multiple members of the party and, you guessed it, an orgy that apparently shows a number of the jihadis engaging in homosexual acts:

Sheik Zana's confessions, delivered in Kurdish, stand out because he and his followers had a habit of videotaping not only what appear to be horrific murders and rapes, but also sexual relations among themselves and with the young men whom they were trying to recruit for their cause.

Among the elements of the Arabic-language confessions that some viewers regard as suspicious are stock admissions by the supposed terrorists that they are homosexual. Because homosexual acts are forbidden in the Koran, some critics have suggested that the speakers have been induced to make those statements to embarrass themselves.

The programs, distributed to television stations by Kurdish intelligence and security services, are intended to expose terrorist recruiting tactics and punch holes in their religious sales pitch.

Even in a heavily edited format that has cut out the most explicit acts, the images of homosexual acts are vying with those of beheadings in attracting the attention, and revulsion, of viewers.

Nadia Mohamad, 49, a government employee who was watching the program with her husband and children while having dinner at the Sky Café in downtown Erbil on Thursday night, said the beheading of a terrified youth on the first program - shown before the sex scenes began appearing - had literally sickened her.

"The first time I saw it, I vomited, because I couldn't control myself," Mohamad said.

But then, she said, she was almost equally shocked when the men started stripping and fondling each other before the scene cut away to Sheik Zana and about half a dozen of his underlings giving confessions against blank backdrops.

"Sex is something sacred for us," Mohamad said. "But when we saw them doing that, it becomes humiliating."

It was hard to find anyone who did not express outrage at the sex scenes when asked about the programs.

"The homosexual part - that's the worst thing," said Arkan Hamza, 27, who was eating lunch with a friend at the Abu Shahab Restaurant on Wednesday. During those parts of the show, he said, members of his family "were very unhappy and surprised and were speaking at the TV screen."

None of the earlier statements came with videotaped sex scenes, but even with the documentary evidence, the Kurdish confessions have also left some viewers skeptical.

"I don't believe all this," said Miran, 34, an accountant who asked that only his first name be used. The confession tapes are not continuous, sometimes jumping from one statement to another, he noted, with no time stamps on the images.

Still, Fekri Baroshi, a Kurd from Turkey who is a documentary filmmaker and has watched each installment closely, said there was no technical reason to think that the videotapes had been manipulated. He said the only confusing part about Sheik Zana's group was that their generalized mayhem did not seem to achieve anything.

"They have done all these bad things for nothing," Baroshi said.

You can read the rest here.

Like the act of bombing innocents or suicide bombs, many Muslims deny that these men did these acts or were "Muslim" since a good Muslim supposedly would not participate in that kind of activity.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of precendents for these acts in the Sunnah regarding the capture of male and female children and their disposition among tribal leaders or warriors as part of their booty. There are also verses in the Quran that discusses the reward of martyrs to include, aside from 72 houris, that they will have their every need served by girls AND boys who are like "pearls". If you are unfamliar with Arabic or orientalist poetry and literature, "pearls" is not necessarily a reference to product used to make jewelry.

Anyway, there are too many people trying to claim that the Jihadists don't use drugs, drink alcohol, commit immoral or unnatural sex acts, etc.

Even with videos, some folks still don't believe it.


The Sandmonkey said...

I blame Isarel myself. It must be another evil jewish conspiracy! You trying to imply that men who only hang out with other men, and who don't want women and men to mix at all are gay? That's just ludicrous.


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Sandmonkey, you must be gay.