Monday, November 22, 2004

Boring Technical Announcement

My apologies for no posting today. I spent some time updating the links and putting an RSS feed on by the request of one of my regular readers. Anyone that has the ability to link up to an RSS feed, feel free to try it. Let me know if it works. If you don't have RSS feed abilities and you are using blogger, go to the help page and look up "syndication". It will tell you what programs you can install on your site to pick up the feed. This will also allow you to put up to date news feed on your site.

For any of you that have a blog or other website, please review the links on the side bar. If you are not listed, please advise and I will update. You can contact me by clicking on the little red box on the side bar that reads "Dispatches/Contact Me".

This has been a boring technical announcement. We now return you to our regular programming


Anonymous said...

Hey Kat,

Lydia here from ITM's commentsphere...

I have a huge favor to ask. Remember Rachel the bitch in London? Well, she's at it again, and pushing her lies and propoganda on Najma from StarfromMosul blog. With shit like this:

Najma: "Who are these "vandals" from Israel and America? Have you seen any?"

Rachel: "I think that Najma may be referring to mercenaries, sometimes known as "security workers" or contractors. Like the three murdered in Fallujah. Those vandals."

I'd eviscerate her myself, but I don't think I can stay calm enough not to call her the cunt that she is, and totally put off Najma. You're MUCH better at this stuff, too.

I know you're busy with Scott, but if you have the time and inclination, would you mind heading here, and take that bitch apart? I hate that Najma is reading her bullshit.

Thanks chica..

Anonymous said...

Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz - huh? What? Oh, it's back up and running per usual? But seriously folks, take my wife - please.

No, really, thanks for the info Kat, no idea what I'll do with it except mess up my blog. Another two weeks of people going - huh, what?